Adolf Hitler's biggest fear: Trip to dentist!

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London, Dec 11 (ANI): Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler was scared of visiting the dentist, it has emerged.

The man who ordered deaths of millions in the extermination camps once insisted his dentist draw out simple root-canal work over eight days because he "couldn't stand the pain".

A new book, out in Germany, based on his dental surgeon Johannes Blaschke's notes reveals the brutal dictator's phobia, reports The Daily Express.

In Dentist Of The Devil, author Menevse Deprem-Hennen writes: "It was clear that he was extremely proud of his role as dentist to Hitler.

"But his patient was not so enthusiastic. He 'dreaded' getting into the dentist's chair. The incident about the root canal done over eight meetings highlights this phobia.

"Also, he suffered more pain following the assassination attempt in July 1944 when he was hit with splinters in the face."

Dentist Of The Devil tells how Blaschke checked the Führer's teeth for 20 years.

It says die-hard Nazi Blaschke knew Jewish victims' gold was being used for SS officers' fillings. (ANI)

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