J.K Rowling saves herself £1m on new period house

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London, December 07 (ANI): Harry Potter author JK Rowling has bought a new period house, in the west side of Edinburgh, at a price far less than what the property was initially being offered for.

The Barnton property was originally priced around 3 million pounds, although recently that had dropped to under 2 million pounds.

And the agents say that the writer may have managed to drive that down even further. She is said to have bought the house for an estimated 1 million pounds.

Seemingly, the Rowling family will now leave their current Edinburgh residence to shift to the new home.

"JK Rowling and her husband have bought the property in Barnton and it will be their main city residence - their new family home," the Scotsman quoted a source as saying.

Edinburgh conservation architect Lorn Macneal, has said the Rowlings may need to do some renovation before they move in.

He said: "She will need to renovate it for her own taste. At this end of the market, no-one just moves into a house, they tend to rip everything out and start again. She will also want to review the security arrangements."

Referring to the price at which Rowling purchased the property, he added: "During our discussions on the price, it was made clear to us that the price had been realigned according to market conditions, which means that the savings would certainly leave sufficient value in order to upgrade it to a buyer's specific requirements."

The abundance of security cameras in the house and its location, which is close to Edinburgh airport, may have made the home seem even more lucrative to Rowling. (ANI)

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