Carle Bruni-Sarkozy urges action on HIV

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London, December 1 (ANI): Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has urged action to help improve the plight of women and children suffering from HIV.

The French first lady, an ambassador of the cause with The Global Fund, feels it is "unfair" that the sufferers in the developing world often miss out on treatment for HIV.

"I find it very important that every woman expecting a child can make sure the child will have a healthy life," the BBC quoted her as saying.

She added: "We do have the medicines. It's just good sense. What motivates me is seeing the results this great work has.

"Children are born healthy and mothers don't transmit the virus to the baby, when they have the medicine.

"It's rather unfair that our babies in France and Europe can be born healthy, because the mothers can be treated."

But she warned against complacency, adding: "The danger is getting used to the HIV problem, and - especially for young people - thinking that because there are medicines, people are maybe not prudent enough.

"There is still no vaccine - at least not one that is useable yet. So that's why World Aids Day is a really important day." (ANI)

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