Brit serial bride wed eight times but never had honeymoon!

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London, November 29 (ANI): A woman who married eight times has one complaint - none of her husbands took her on a honeymoon.

Fifty-two-year-old Sandra McNab's last marriage, which took place earlier this month, lasted only 10 days.

"That's tragic really. I've been married eight times and never been on honeymoon. Not even a weekend in Blackpool," the News of the world quoted her as saying.

She added: "I've really been picking the wrong blokes haven't I?"

However, the serial bride is ready to enter the Guinness Book of Records as Britain's most-wed woman.

Meanwhile, Sandra, who lives in Clydebank, near Glasgow, has said that she will not marry ever again.

She said: "That's it for me. No more men. If I say 'I do' again you can cut out my tongue."

Referring to her recently divorced husband, she said: "I thought he'd take me out for a meal or something when we got home.

"But no, he just switched on the telly. We didn't even consummate the marriage that night. Plus, as soon as we got home we had some terrible rows. He was jealous, so I had to get out."

Sandra first marriage took place at the age of 16 with spray painter Joe Mullen on October 5, 1973.

She recollected: "He was a handsome fella and I met him when I was 14 and working at a hairdresser's.

"After the wedding we had a few sandwiches and drinks at my mum's house. I was not old enough to drink - I had lemonade."

The couple had two daughters and a son before parting ways in 1981.

Sandra concluded: "People judge me because of the amount of times I've been married - but all I've ever wanted to do was get married and stay married. Unfortunately things have not worked out like that." (ANI)

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