India-obsessed Pakistan reluctant to act against Islamist terrorism

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Islamabad, Nov. 23 (ANI): Pakistan continues to remain obsessed with a threat from India rather than concentrating on getting rid of Islamic terrorism within its territory, US officials say.

Recently, the US national security adviser James Jones had delivered President Obama's message to Gilani, asking Pakistan to take action against Afghan militant groups operating from Pakistani soil.

The Christian Science Monitor quoted Gilani, as telling Jones that Pakistan's "forces were over-stretched because of continuous tension on the eastern border" with India.

The Pakistani military and ISI are also worried about India's growing influence in Afghanistan, which Islamabad fears is part of a move to encircle Pakistan.

"When we get into the position of stabilizing, then we can help the other side (the US)," said a senior Pakistani military officer.

"There are limits of our power. You cannot be expected to use your force against all [militant] groups because then your power will be diluted. That's exactly what's happening on the other side [to the US in Afghanistan], they're all over the place and virtually in control of nothing."

US officials say the Pakistani military is obsessed with the Indian border, which have no active threat, and reluctant to address the threats on Pakistan's western border with Afghanistan.

They say that Pakistan declined to mount any serious pursuit of bin Laden and the other top Al Qaeda leaders who sought shelter in Pakistan for eight years.

Pakistan also has quietly tolerated the presence of Mullah Omar, who US officials said is based near the Baluchistan city of Quetta. (ANI)

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