Deep fried bull testicles a 'delicacy' at Montana's annual Testicle Fest!

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Melbourne, Nov 19 (ANI): The north-western US state of Montana is home to an annual testicle festival where bulls' testicles are deep-fried and eaten.

Every year in the month of August, punters gather at the Rock Creek Lodge near Missoula, north of the capital Helena, and enjoy the strange delicacy known as Rocky Mountain oysters.

"You've got to have the cock-sauce with them," the Herald Sun quoted Rocky Mountain oyster enthusiast Kent Taylor, as saying.

Describing each testicle to be as big as an emu's egg he adds: "They've got to be prepared just right.

"You've got to skin them and then slice them about 3mm thick.... Then you bread it and deep fry it and serve it with a cocktail sauce.

"They have a taste all of their own. I'd say it's a combination between an oyster and a chicken."

However, some like Marlee Iverson, a local tourism representative from Helena, have a different take on Rocky Mountain Oysters.

She says: "They're not that good," and are "sort of chewy and tasteless".

The non-vegetarian, north-western regional US cuisine also offers moose and bear flesh for gourmets. (ANI)

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