'Unfazed' Hersh backs his report over Pak, US agreement on nuke details

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Washington, Nov.10 (ANI): Famous US investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh, whose report in a foreign magazine regarding Pakistan sharing its nuclear programme details with America has created a huge furore, has backed his report, saying the Obama administration wants Islamabad to let Washington help secure its nuclear weapons in a crisis.

During an interview with CNN, Hersh rejected all accusations being levelled against him and said that the 'highly sensitive' understandings now being sought by Washington with the Pakistani military were completely different from the previous administration's tough position.

"There was an 'enormous difference' between what the Obama administration was trying to do and what had been considered before. They're now saying, we're going to help you," Hersh said in his report in The New Yorker.

Pakistan, however, has vehemently denied entering into any such agreement with the US.

"Pakistan's nuclear assets are safe and secure. We, as a sovereign state, will never allow any country to have direct or indirect access to our nuclear and strategic facilities," Foreign Office (FO) spokesman Abdul Basit had said just after Hersh's report was splashed in media world over.

Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) General Tariq Majid also rejected the report terming is as 'absurd and plain mischief.'

"I reiterate in very unambiguous terms that there is absolutely no question of sharing or allowing any foreign individual, entity or state any access to sensitive information about our nuclear assets," General Majid said. (ANI)

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