Brit mum's long-lost daughter runs off with her hubby!

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London, Nov 8 (ANI): A British woman got the shock of her life when the daughter she had given up for adoption 22 years ago came back into her life only to steal her hubby.

The 46-year-old Elizabeth Murray's daughter, Melissa Anderson, 25, is now living with her mum's truck driver hubby John, 45, even as a dismayed Elizabeth is at the family home with three teenage daughters.

"Letting her back into my life was the worst decision I've EVER made," the News of the World quoted Elizabeth, as saying.

She added: "It's the ultimate betrayal. Now I don't even know if she ever wanted a relationship with me, or was simply taking her revenge for being adopted."

Elizabeth found out the illicit relationship between her husband and daughter when she read John's text messages.

She said: "They both knew that it meant the world to me to get Melissa back in my life.

"They have robbed me of that happiness with their sordid little affair."

Elizabeth, a single mother, had given away the three-year-old Melissa in adoption in 1987, so that her girl could have a better life.

She recalled: "It was before I met John and I didn't have a penny.

"Without money or a partner I just couldn't cope, and I thought she'd have a better life away from me.

"I kissed her and explained she was going away for a new life. There wasn't a day afterwards that I didn't cry for her - but I never doubted I'd done the right thing, because at the time I couldn't give her a proper life."

After a few months Elizabeth met John and the couple have three daughters aged 18, 16 and 14 now.

They finally tied the knot in 2006.

However, Elizabeth could never forget her first child and two years she decided to look for her.

She said: "A friend of a friend mentioned she knew Melissa and passed on her address.

"I wrote to her - and the very next day she rang. She called me 'Mum' and I burst into tears."

She added: "The next day I drove the 25 miles to her home. When a pretty, dark-haired woman answered the door, I was grinning like a fool.

"I told her, 'I always prayed I'd see you again.' She replied: 'Me too.'"

Melissa was single and jobless and the mum-daughter soon came close.

They often shopped together and Melissa would come home for tea.

Elizabeth said: "Everything felt great. John and I were getting on fantastically well and Melissa was back in my life. Everything was going superbly.

"There was only one thing stopping it being perfect and that was the fact that Melissa and John seemingly couldn't stand each other.

"They argued, and when she popped round or there was an icy silence between them."

Elizabeth first suspected something fishy when she saw Melissa's earrings that she later found were a love gift from John.

When she checked John's phone the next morning, a text message from Melissa read: "Luv the earrings. Luv u xxx."

Elizabeth said: "I stared at the words for ages before they sank in. I just kept thinking, was this a joke?

"I went through every scenario but could only think that my husband was having an affair with my daughter.

"Rage rose up inside me and I barged into the bedroom and confronted him. He tried to lie his way out of it but I could tell from his face he was panicking. I yelled at him: 'You've been having an affair with your own stepdaughter. It's sick.'"

John straightway packed his bags and left for Melissa's place.

Elizabeth is now planning to divorce John, who still sees his three daughters.

She said: "I feel so daft because I don't know how long this had been going on for behind my back - I never knew a thing until that day. John refuses to tell me when the affair started so I don't know if it was weeks, months or even years - and I refuse to talk to Melissa. John knew how much it meant to me to have Melissa back and he stole that from me just to get his leg over."

John also admitted his affair when he said: "It is true, I left my family for my stepdaughter, and I don't want anything to do with Elizabeth." (ANI)

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