Jihadist woman jailed in Britain for hiding bomb-making manual in her Burkha

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London, Nov. 3 (ANI): A Jihadist Muslim woman who tried to conceal "bomb-making-manual" in her burka has been sentenced to two years imprisonment.

Morocco-born Houria Chentouf, 41, hid a pen-drive, which contained 7,000 documents, including a step-by-step explosives guide and extreme religious material, The Sun reports.

British investigators also found letters in which the mother of six admitted she had considered using herself and her children as suicide bombers. he report quoted prosecutor Simon Denison as telling Manchester Crown Court that the pen-drive contained information that would be useful to a terrorist who would use it to "maim and kill in the name of Islam".

"A mini encyclopaedia of weapons making" also identified targets as sports grounds, cinemas, colleges and bus stations, the court was told.

Some of the "religious and radical documents" contained information on training camps and different types of warfare, including the military use of electronics.

She also had phone numbers of firebrand cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed, who is banned from Britain, and Abu Izadeen, a radical Muslim preacher.

Judge Michael Henshell told Chentouf: "The evidence suggests you developed an obsessive interest in Jijad and the more extreme forms of Islam."

But he said there was "no evidence" she intended to pass the material on and "no intention of putting it into practical use". hentouf admitted two counts of possession of a document for terrorist purposes. (ANI)

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