British troops to use Terminator-like robotic hand to defuse bombs in Afghanistan

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London, Oct. 18 (ANI): British troops in Afghanistan are set to use a Terminator-like robotic hand to defuse deadly bombs, a move that is expected to reduce battlefield casualties.

A revolutionary 90,000-pound hand - just like cyborg Arnold Schwarzenegger's in the hit movie, Terminator - will be used within a year. In order to defuse IEDs, bomb disposal squads will wear a cyberglove, far away from the bomb, and the robot will copy their hand movements to defuse it. "The benefits are obvious and a lot of people are very excited by this piece of kit. Bomb disposal is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world and anything that takes the human out of that situation is of major interest," The News of the World quoted a military source, as saying. The British Defence Ministry began testing the robo-hand six months ago and it could be operational in the dangerous Helmand Province next year.

"We are committed to delivering the best equipment for our armed forces. The threats they face are continually evolving and we must always try to stay one step ahead of the opposition," a ministry spokesperson said. he limb is manoeuvered by 20 tiny motors and is so sensitive it can even tenderly handle soft fruit without leaving a mark.

"That sort of precision is essential when you're disconnecting the red or the blue wire," said Rich Walker, director of The Shadow Robot Company, which developed the robo-hand. (ANI)

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