Earthquake insurance of houses in Assam

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Guwahati, Sep 9 (ANI): As experts claim that a big earthquake might hit Assam region shortly, locals are rushing to get their houses insured while the authorities are conducting sensitization campaigns as a precautionary measure.

The region was rocked by four earthquakes in past three weeks, including a tremor with 5.9 magnitude, the biggest in past nine years in the area.

People are not just getting their houses insured but advising others to do so as well.

"We are advising other people in the (housing) society to insure their flats also so that we can fight such disasters together. Precaution is important at this time. People have become alert and there is a general atmosphere of fear that prevails," said Ravishankar Ravi, a resident.

Even builders in the city are taking all precautions while constructing buildings. The last and the strongest of the recent four earthquakes have literally shaken the people.

"We are really concerned about the earthquake because in the last month, we have already had four earthquakes, it worried us a lot because we are staying in apartments and it becomes tough to manage while there is (constant fear) of earthquake going on. We are really worried because we have a history of major earthquake in 1950. And there are some rumours also going on that there might be a earthquake, a big earthquake might happen in the course of time," said Adreena Bora, another resident.

Meanwhile the authorities are gearing up for any such situation as well. They are conducting sensitization and awareness campaigns across the city in schools, housing societies, government and corporate houses.

"We are having sensitization meetings amongst them (schools and societies). We are telling them, those who are living in multi storey buildings because they will be more vulnerable to damage because of an earthquake, as to what they should know about the quality of buildings and what they should do to minimize casualties like hiding or coming under a beam,' said Pratik Hazele, Deputy Commissioner, Kamrup.

Assam is seated on the highly volatile seismic zone five. Among all the earthquakes that Assam has experienced, the earthquakes of 1897 and 1950 are among the ten biggest earthquakes in history.

Study reveals that Assam records a major earthquake every fifty years, the last being in 1950. (ANI)

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