Meet the 4-year-old boy with IQ of 144!

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London, Aug 4 (ANI): Like most boys his age he likes playing with toy cars and games, but the likeness ends here only. Harry Chapple is a four year-old boy with an IQ of 144.

What's more, by the age of two he knew alphabet backwards.

Harry's parents are proud of him and say that their son has an inquisitive mind, reports The Daily Express.

His dad Simon: "He's the kind of boy who'll ask you why the sky is blue and, when you tell him 'Because it's reflecting the colour of the sea', he won't be satisfied.

"He'll then ask 'Why is the sea blue?' He's very persistent and curious.

"Harry's got a great memory and keeps all these formulas in his head like pi which he uses to work out the circumference of circles."

In recognition of his exceptional intelligence, Harry has now been invited to join Mensa, a famous society of people with high IQs.

One must have an IQ of over 130 to join Mensa, and Harry comfortably crosses the margin, which makes him one of the most intelligent people in England.

Harry's comprehension, arithmetic ability and general intelligence were assed by psychologist George Crowther.

Crowther said: "Harry is an exceptional young boy and his ability is very rare. Only 0.1 per cent of people have an IQ over 140.

"In a secondary school of 1,000 pupils he could be the only one with that ability. Most children don't come to terms with squared numbers until they are in secondary school but if, for example, you ask Harry what 15 squared is, he'll immediately say 225." (ANI)

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