Pak need not worry about my India visit: Clinton

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Washington, July 18 (ANI): US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said Pakistan need not worry about the outcome of her India visit.

Clinton, who is on a five-day visit to India arrived in Mumbai on Friday, and expressed hope that the talks between India and Pakistan which took place earlier this week on the margins of the XVth NAM summit in Sharm-el-Sheikh will have some positive impact on the relations of the two neighbouring countries.

She said the talks have ignited a hope for the resumption of bilateral dialogue between New Delhi and Islamabad again.

"I'm going with the hope that has been ignited in the last week that India and Pakistan will pursue a dialogue again," said Clinton.

"There is an interest and a seriousness on the part of both governments in trying to work towards resolution of some of the longstanding differences," she added.

Clinton highlighted that Pakistan must assure the international community that it is determined and focused the internal threat facing the country at present.

"Pakistan has to show commitment to focusing on its internal developments, which required dealing with and trying to resolve some of the outstanding concerns," The Dawn quoted her, as saying.

Commenting on the Kashmir issue, she said the dispute must be viewed according to the new developing scenario of the region, and that both the countries should try to build mutual trust over it.

"I think that the disputes between India and Pakistan, which are historical and long-standing, should be looked at with fresh eyes, and there should be an effort to build some mutual trust," Clinton said.

Clinton underlined that the issue should be resolved amicably by both the nations, and said Washington would support whatever decision the leaderships along with the people of the region take.

"The United States stands ready to support the steps that India and Pakistan may take together, but we know that the only way these matters can be finally resolved is between the two countries, but it's not just the government, but the people," she said.

Commenting on India's all round development, the top US Diplomat pointed out that New Delhi has been able to sustain a steady growth rate and that it was pursuing a set of goals, which helped it to become stable and internally secure country.

"That's what I want to see for Pakistan. And then I think you can be in a friendly competition for jobs and for prosperity and for growth and for education statistics," she said.

When asked to comment on the strategy of negotiating with so called 'good Taliban', Clinton said : " For those who are willing to put down arms against the Pakistani government, who are willing to renounce violence and try to work to achieve a better life for themselves in connection with the democracy that Pakistan is, I certainly think that it would be appropriate for Pakistan to consider that." (ANI)

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