Indo-Pak relations to figure high during Clinton's India visit

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Washington, July 17 (ANI): US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's maiden visit to India in her capacity as America's top diplomat is being keenly observed by experts and analysts all over.

They believe that Indo-Pak ties would be a key topic of discussion on Clinton's agenda during her talks with the Indian leadership.

Clinton has expressed hope that during her five-day visit to India, both countries would be 'cooperating and working together across a broadest range of concerns.

Analysts believe that Clinton would reassure India about the White House's special relationship with New Delhi.

"There will be a strong symbolic component to this visit, with Clinton reassuring India that President Obama wants to pursue the kind of special relationship with India that former US president George Bush did," said Commodore Uday Bhaskar, a New Delhi-based strategic analyst.

"It's very important to reiterate these things or people get antsy," added Bhaskar.

The United States is also pushing for the stalled peace talks between India and Pakistan to resume as soon as possible which directly impacts on regional peace and stability.

US ambassador designate to India Timothy Roemer has also made it clear that he would work to improve relations between India and Pakistan.

The United States must also show that it is seriously concerned about India's stand on terrorism, the Christian Science Monitor reports.

"If the relationship between the India and Pakistan comes up during Clinton's visit, and if the US does not demonstrate that it takes the terrorist threat to India seriously, there will have to be more agreeing to disagree, unfortunately," Commodore Bhaskar said. (ANI)

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