'Suffocated' Chelsy heading to Africa after splitting with Harry

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London, Jan 26 (ANI): Prince Harry's girlfriend ended her five-year-long relationship with him because she felt "suffocated" thinking of life inside the Royal Family, and is now moving to South Africa, revealed a pal.

According to reports, the Zimbabwean beauty disliked being in constant light, which focussed on the Royals.

And also, the 23-year-old law student was not very happy about the limited time she spent with Harry because of his military career.While earlier Chelsy had been considering moving to London to be with the Prince, she is now expected to return to Africa after finishing her two-year post-graduate law degree at Leeds University.

"It has always been a volatile relationship and they have broken up before but this time it really does seem to be the final split," the Daily Express quoted a friend as saying.

"She has got her own life to lead and I think she feels that Harry has never chosen - or perhaps hasn't been able to choose - to make enough time for her because of what is expected of him.

"Every now and again she has got upset about his partying or when she has heard about him being seen in the company of other women, but I don't think that's the main problem. She's a bit of party animal herself.

"I've just never thought she would become a princess. She finds all of that too suffocating. She's realised it's not for her," the pal added.

While the Clarence House has given no statement about the break-up, but the 24-year-old Prince has told friends that the break-up was amicable claiming the relationship had simply run its course. (ANI)

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