Meet Mischief the moggie that's 27 years old!

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London, Dec 4 : Mischief, the world's oldest cat, has celebrated his 125th birthday - which is equivalent to 27 human years.

The owners of the cat, Chris and Donna Thorne, revealed that the feline is growing, however, its growth has slowed down a little.

"It's amazing - he just keeps going on and on," The Telegraph quoted Donna Thorne, as saying.

The family revealed that Chris got the black cat from a friend way back in 1981, when he was just a kitten.

They added that their 20-month-old baby Skye is very fond of the pet.

"She loves him to bits, when he eventually goes we'll have to get another one because she'll be devastated," Donna said.

Though the cat is growing older it still manages to have a spring in each step it takes.

"His name says it all, he may be 27 but he still manages to jump over the stair gate and he's round your ankles constantly for food," Chris Thorne said.

"He's an indoor cat now, and he's losing big clumps of fur, but he's still going," he added.

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