3 terrorists killed, sanitisation continues in Taj

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Just In: NSG allows Taj Management to visit the Hotel.

Ratan Tata, CEO of Tata Groups surveys the Hotel.
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Just In: The operations at Taj termed as 'Operation Cyclone' are still on and one terrorist has been gunned down as he was trying to make a grenade attack. A total of three terrorists have been killed on Saturday, Nov 29.

Heavy firing continues in Taj old block

Mumbai, Nov 29: Firing at the Old block of Taj Hotel has intensified by National Security Gaurd (NSG) since the combat is nearing an end. Early Saturday, Nov 29 morning heavy firing and several explosions were heard from the ground floor and the third floor. Terrorists moved from the ground floor to the third floor through the snorkel, it is believed. NSG says at least feels that there are more than one terrorist in the hotel.

On Saturday morning 44 army commandos have been added in Tag Hotel. This is to support the NSG's action.

Following the explosions, fierce fire broke out on the first floor and the coffee shop area on the ground floor of the hotel.

Fire fighters rushed to the spot to bring it under control. NSG says at least three terrorists are still holding the Taj Hotel old block.

NSG operation in Hotel Oberoi-Trident and Nariman House is over. Saturday morning seven dead bodies were taken out from Nariman house. Two of them are of terrorists.

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