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Should NSG first attack the TV cameras and politicians?

By BG Mahesh

Bangalore, Nov 28: The Army, National Security Guard (NSG), local police and innumerable volunteers are doing a good job in controlling the Mumbai siege. Our patriotic politicians are in a hurry to get 'free' air time on TV channels. Our fashionable Home Minister exposed the strategy of NSG on TV late night on Wednesday. Needless to say the Army and NSG are fuming.

Apparently the terrorists are getting to know and see what is happening outside the hotel through our TV channels. A request to all TV channel, please do not show anything from the crime scene. Yes, you need those eyeballs but please think about the lives of NSG and Army. Allow them to do their job. After the rescue operation we all promise to be glued to the idiot box and will ensure all your advertisers are happy. All of us want to know what is happening but let us not put the Army and NSG at risk.

Our politicians prove every day that they are insensitive. The protective gears used by the force is alarming. Every government is busy making money for themselves. They say deposits from India rank fourth in Swiss Bank, no prizes for guessing who deposits these kinds of monies. No government wants to increase the salaries of our security forces which match the needs of the real world, they don't want to spend on toys that will guard the lives of our forces.

All media reports have bashed the current government of reacting very late, a mere 5 hours late, after the incident took place. The PM in waiting, Mr. LK Advani, was very disappointing yesterday. He should have refrained from attacking the government, he should have waited for few days before going after the government. The frustration is very much understandable but it is difficult to know if they are doing it for the sake of votes or they are genuinely concerned about the country.

Why is Gujarat CM Narendra Modi visiting the crime scene in Mumbai? He should give his statement from Gujarat itself. Why did the Maharashtra govt allow him to visit the crime scene? This is only causing more headaches to the security personnel, they have to guard our patriotic politicians and also weed out these terrorists from the hotels.

All of us having been flipping channels all day. I think Arnab Goswami of 'Times Now' did the best in presenting the common man/aam admi's concerns. He had tears in his eyes while talking. Suhel Seth spoke brilliantly on Arnab's show, he did not mince words, he bashed every senior politician for being insensitive. You need guts to speak your mind on Live TV, Arnab and Suhel did exactly that.

A small suggestion to our politicians, get some glycerin before coming on TV and at least pretend that you are crying, it could fetch you some votes. Congress and BJP are hurting our security, Congress says we have enough laws to curb terrorism, then use it for god's sake. BJP keeps asking for POTA type laws after every incident. It is boring to hear the same thing again and again from our politicians. US politicians put up a brave 'united' front at the time of every crisis, can our politicians do the same please?

There are talks about economy slowing down further and foreign investment drying up immediately. I think this is a knee jerk reaction. We shouldn't give up, I hope today the markets will go up by 500 points, that is the best way to give back to these cowards (I am referring to the terrorists, not our politicians).

Would our politicians be willing to swap their lives with the hostages? Any takers? Nah!

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