Urban India's MPCE at Rs 1312 is double rural India's in 06-07'

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New Delhi, Oct 31 (UNI) Urban India's average monthly per capita consumer expenditure (average MPCE) was Rs 1,312 in 2006-07, double that of their rural counterpart who spent just Rs 695 at 2006-07 prices, data released here today showed.

According to a survey conducted by the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO), it is estimated that around half, that is 50.3 per cent, of the Indian rural population belonged to households with MPCE less than Rs 580.

In urban India, where expenditure levels were higher, only 17.4 per cent of the population belonged to households with MPCE less than Rs 580. About 50 per cent belonged to households with monthly per capita consumer expenditure less than Rs 990.

The survey results relate to July 2006-June 2007 and its findings are based on a randomly drawn sample from 63,729 households spread over 5,573 villages and 7,698 urban blocks covering the entire country.

These are brought out in the latest NSS report number 527, on household consumption entitled "Household Consumer Expenditure in India, 2006-07" and is based on data collected by the NSS as part of its 63rd round.

Out of every rupee spent in 2006-07 by the average rural Indian on consumption, 52 paise was spent on food, the survey found.

Of this, 17 paise was spent on cereals and cereal substitutes, 8 paise on milk and milk products, 6 paise on vegetables, 4 paise on sugar, salt and spices, 4 paise on beverages, refreshments, processed food and purchased meals and 4 paise on edible oil.

Out of every rupee spent by the average urban Indian on consumption, 39 paise went on food. Of this, 9 paise was spent on cereals and cereal substitutes, 7 paise on milk and milk products, 4 paise on vegetables and 6 paise on beverages, refreshments and processed food.

The statistics on various aspects of household consumer expenditure are the prime indicators on social consumption and well-being, level of living and inequality thereof.

Of the average quantity of cereals consumed per person per month in 2006-07 -- 11.7 kg in rural areas against 9.6 kg in urban areas -- the total cereal consumption per person per month, 6.56 kg of rice was consumed in rural areas and 4.80 kg in urban areas while that of wheat was 3.97 kg and 4.43 kg per person per month.

Other findings were that about 22 per cent of rural households lived in katcha structures (both roof and walls made of katcha materials). About 49 per cent lived in pucca structures (both roof and walls made of pucca materials). The remaining 29 per cent of rural households lived in semi-pucca structures.

In urban India, the percentage of households using LPG as the major fuel for cooking at all India level was 59 per cent and was in the range of 41-73 per cent among 17 major states.

In rural India, 75 per cent of households depended on firewood and chips as their major cooking fuel. About 9 per cent used dung cake and only 9 per cent used LPG.

Interestingly, the average MPCE of LPG users was appreciably higher than that of the general population, especially in rural India. In urban India, average MPCE of those who used firewood and chips, or dung cake and kerosene oil, was much lower than that of the rest of the population.

About 56 per cent of households in rural India used electricity for lighting while 42 per cent used kerosene.

Among rural males aged 15 or more, the estimated percentage of those getting work in public works during the last 365 days was 7.2 and the corresponding percentage among rural females was put at 3.5 per cent.

About 35 percentage of males got work in public works in the lowest MPCE class, with no other MPCE class showing a percentage higher than 18. However, males who sought but failed to get work outnumbered those who succeeded in getting work except in the bottom two MPCE classes, the data reveals.


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