It's taken Delhi just 20 years to join world's most populated cities list

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London, Sept 9 : While Delhi was far away from the term 'crowd' until 1987, India's capital has now joined the league of the world's most populated cities.

This revelation has been made in a new book, 'The Top 10 of Everything 2009', which shows how 'everything' has changed in two decades.

Written by Russell Ash, the book contains over 600 lists comparing today's entries with lists from 20 years ago, reports the Telegraph.

It shows Jack and Grace are today's most popular boy and girl names, but 20 years ago it was Daniel and Rebecca.

Other lists show life expectancy has risen. In the UK, the average in 1989 was 75.30, but today it is 76.52.

Another list shows Tokyo remains the world's largest city, climbing from more than 23 million in population to 33.6 million, while a number of Asian countries, including Seoul, Mumbai, Delhi, Shanghai and Osaka have all climbed significantly.

The US still has the monopoly when it comes to airports, with five of today's top 10 featuring as the busiest. This however is down from the eight that feature in 1987.

Meanwhile, Finland rules the seas, with eight out of today's 10 largest passenger ships made by the country, including the world's largest - Independence of the Seas, at 160,000 tons while 20 years ago, Sovereign of the Seas, built in France weighed 73,192 and was the world's heaviest.

Largest Cities in 2007:

1. Tokyo: 33,600,000

2. Seoul: 23,400,000

3. Mexico City: 22,400,000

4. New York: 21,900,000

5. Bombay: 21,600,000

6. Delhi: 21,500,000

7. Sao Paulo: 20,600,000

8. Los Angeles: 18,000,000

9. Shanghai: 17,500,000

10. Osaka: 16,700,000

Largest Cities in 1987:

1. Tokyo: 23,322,000

2. New York: 15,827,000

3. Mexico City: 14,474,000

4. Sao Paulo: 13,427,000

5. Shanghai: 12,396,000

6. Los Angeles: 10,445,000

7. Osaka: 10,351,000

8. Buenos Aires: 10,269,000

9. Bombay: 9,898,000

10. Calcutta: 9,882,000

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