Even the Queen's fav aide can't enter Buckingham Palace without security pass!

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London, July 5 : The Queen's closest friend and aide was refused entry into Buckingham Palace after she forgot her security pass, it has emerged.

Angela Kelly, Her Majesty's favourite aide, was furious when cops restrained her in an astonishing Palace bust-up last week.

The divorced mum of three "lost the plot" when a desk officer asked to see her pass at the side staff entrance.

"Angela said 'don't you know who I am' and tried to ring the Queen on the internal phone. But the guard wouldn't let her in without a pass. Someone else went through, and Angela tried to push him," The Sun quoted a source, as saying.

"Then it got physical and he tried to restrain her. She went absolutely bonkers, screaming and shouting, and he had to call for back up. Her arms were held behind her back," the source added.

The source said the row ended when other household staff members intervened and Angela, 56, was allowed in.

The source said: "The officer concerned was moved to duties at St James's Palace, but it wasn't his fault - he was doing what he was told."

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