"We need to talk" - tops 10 'Most Dreaded Phrases' poll in UK!

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London, June 26 : "We need to talk" - they might be four simple words but the phrase is more likely to bring on frayed nerves and a racing heart among Britons, says a new poll.

According to a new survey, "We need to talk" is the Most Dreaded Phrase for Brits.

The expression, which often means bad news is to follow, just pipped "The boss wants to see you" to bag the first spot, reports The Sun.

A thousand adults who were quizzed rated "I had an accident" in third place, "Can I borrow your credit card?" fourth and "There's a leak" fifth.

The Top 10 Most Dreaded Phrase list was compiled by deodorant firm Right Guard.

The sixth position was taken by "Did you remember my birthday?" followed by "I've something to tell you"; "You know that xxxx you lent me?" at the seventh and the eight position, respectively.

"You haven't forgotten we're going out tonight?" and "Now I know it looks bad but" rounded off the top ten list.

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