Modern civilisation no match for ancient Egyptians

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London, Mar 16 (UNI) If the population on Earth were to cease in a century or more, and aliens came exploring the planet, what would they learn of our civilisation? Perhaps, nothing at all! Modern civilisation might have witnessed breakthrough inventions and discoveries. But still it doesn't stand a chance against time compared to our ancient civilisations, and aliens visiting the Earth might well believe that the last civilisation on the planet were ancient Egyptians.

Most traces of our modern-day lives would be so destroyed by weather, corrosion, earth tremors, srviving animals, insects and bacteria that within a hundred years the monuments and hieroglyphics of ancient civilisations would be better preserved than our buildings and our billions of books and electronic records, a research for a television documentary made this prophetic forecast.

The two-hour special 'Life After People' slated to be aired on History Channel during Easter, used scientific expertise and understanding of history to predict the longivity of 21st century civilisation, the Daily Mail reported.

''The lights will start going out around the world almost immediately. The last power will be produced by wind turbines but, after a few weeks, the planet will be plunged into a deep darkness it has not experienced since primitive Man huddled around camp fires,'' Principal advisor on the TV programme Gordon Masterton presumed.

Justifying this apocalyptic forcast, astrophysicist and author David Brinn said every civilisation had its tales of Armageddon or apocalypse, but we were the first generation that could, by deliberate action, cause its own doom.


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