Expecting mothers to give up smoking if they desire a happier baby

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London, Mar 13 (UNI) All mothers to be, if you want your baby to have a sunnier nature with regular sleeping and eating patterns, quit smoking, experts have suggested.

According to a new study, women who smoked heavily during pregnancy had the most difficult infants. It stated the babies of recent quitters were even more easy-going than those born to women who had never smoked or had stopped years earlier.

''Women who are strongly motivated to give up smoking in pregnancy are very positive about the decision and the outcomes for the baby,'' lead researcher Kate Pickett said.

The study of 18,000 British children at the age of nine months found women who smoke heavily in pregnancy, more than ten cigarettes a day, had the most difficult infants with the worst moods.

Mothers who kicked the habit ended up with the best behaved babies. These babies had the lowest chances of unpredictable behaviour, were receptive to new things and had regular eating and sleeping patterns.

The study, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, assessed infants' temperaments with scales designed to pick up positive mood, receptivity to new things, and eating and sleeping patterns.

Chemicals from cigarettes are known to harm the development of the brains of babies in the womb. They are also linked to low birth weight, birth defects and increased risk of cot death.


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