Can't resist doughnuts? Blame your brains

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London, Mar 10 (UNI) Craving for a yummy chocolate doughnut, don't blame yourself as your brains are programmed that way.

Scientists have discovered that it is not just Homer Simpson, who finds it impossible to keep his hands off doughnuts, apparently our brains are programmed to leap into action after seeing sugary treats.

Researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago carried out functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) brain scans where it was found that when hungry people were shown a picture of doughnut, the sugary snack sent the brain into overdrive.

''The part of brain is able to detect what is motivationally significant, saying not only one is hungry but here is the food,'' said Dr Marsel Mesulam, senior author of the research from the journal Cerebral Cortex.

''There's a very complex system in the brain that helps to direct our attention to items in the environment that are relevant to our needs, for example, 'food' when we are hungry but not when we are full,'' Daily Mail quoted Dr Aprajita Mohanty, scientist from the Northwestern University in Chicago as saying.

The research demonstrated how the brain go through all sorts of relevant material, not just doughnuts.

Citing an example the study suggested if one is in a forest and hear rustling, the context urges us to pay full attention since this could be a sign of danger, but its not the same in the office as it becomes less relevant.

''So the major job of the brain is to match response to the context,'' concluded Dr Mesulam.


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