Sarkozy should not marry Bruni too soon

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Sydney, Jan 15 (UNI) Even as rumours gather pace that French President Nicolas Sarkozy might have married Carla Bruni last week, marriage advisors have told the glamorous couple to beware of too much media attention and not rush into tying a knot so soon.

Mr Sarkozy, who divorced his wife Cecilia a few months ago, has dropped hints about marrying the glamorous Italian ex-model Carla Bruni.

Marrying Ms Bruni would be both a public and private display of success for the 52-year old French president, psychologists believe.

It was being claimed that Mr Sarkozy did not want voters to see him as a person who had been dumped and aimed to project the image of a man who was successful privately as well as politically.

''Very often, men at that sort of age want to prove that they can still, how shall I say, hack it and he's also the president. He needs to have a partner ... to help him and to socialis,'' the Daily Telegraph quoted marriage counsellor Coral Miller said. as saying.

Pictures of the suntanned president in sunglasses embracing his bikini-clad girlfriend on holiday have been circulated around the globe.

However, some psychologists say talk of a wedding seems early.

'' A marriage with Carla Bruni would seem hasty, as if he wants to make the fact that Cecilia left him forgotten as quickly as possible,'' sexologist Georges Abraham said.

The relationship was at a stage where everything looked bright and brand new. ''Sometimes things wear off and you suddenly realise that's not what you want,'' Dr Miller warned saying the couple should see if it has got a little bit more longevity about it.

The media frenzy surrounding the couple also comes with some risk to the relationship, pyschologist Antoine Spaeth said, adding the couple should not focus too much on the media and keep their privacy.

Mr Sarkozy's own mother, however, has expressed doubts about her son remarrying, quoted as saying, ''I've had enough of brides''.


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