co-adopters or biggest polluters?

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London, Jan 13 (UNI) 'Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others'. Well, we can use it for most of the environmentally conscious people who are themselves the biggest polluters.

According to a research by Target Group Index, the 'eco-adopters' are seven per cent more likely than the general population to take flights, and four per cent more likely to own a car.

Members of some environmental organisations, these 'green' consumers buy eco-friendly and recycled products, and have a keen interest in environmental issues.

However, when it comes to travelling they are still hooked on flying abroad or driving their cars. The survey found similar trends in France and the United States, the Daily Telegraph reported today.

So it's possible that next time when environmentalists shout slogans on pollution control, one is likely to doubt their integrity.


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