Depressed: Can't help but say hic, hic, hurray

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London, Jan 6 (UNI) ''If you're feeling down and under the weather, Have another drink and you'll feel alright. There's only one cure for all your hang-ups and depressions. Have another drink it'll make you feel better, Have another drink and you'll feel alright.'' 'Kinks', the band that sung these lines, seemed to understand how hard it was to remain as sober as a judge for the one who was fighting blues. A recent study has now confirmed it saying depressed people faced trouble in cutting down alcohol.

The work revealed the typical problematic drinking symptoms such as repeatedly imbibing more than planned, difficulty quitting or cutting down, and continuing to drink even though drinking caused problems such as hangovers or sleeping difficulty.

Researchers from the Minneapolis VA Medical Center documented the quitting success of 462 people who tried to simultaneously give up alcohol and cigarettes.

All participants received alcohol and smoking cessation treatment. A year and a half later, the participants were surveyed about their alcohol and tobacco habits.

The odds of drinking were 1.5 times greater for the depressed than for individuals without significant depressive symptoms,'' Science Daily quoted lead researcher Molly Kodl as saying.

While depression seems to lessen the chances of alcohol abstinence, the study did not find a similar association for tobacco dependence.

The study indicates that treating depression may help people recover from alcohol use problems, although more research is needed on the topic.


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