Nitish Kumar tears into Narendra Modi at Rajgir

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Rajgir (Bihar), Oct 29: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar took a dig at the BJP over the split between its break-up with his JD(U). He said the JD(U) had to take the decision but the BJP was responsible for it.

Kumar was speaking at his party's Chintan Shivir in Rajgir in Bihar on Tuesday. Earlier, a chaos broke out at the camp after senior party leader Shivanand Tiwari praised BJP's prime ministerial candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, saying the latter had scaled great heights despite belonging to a moderate background.

Here are the live updates of Nitish Kumar's speech:

2.32 pm

"Will take India forward with all on board. Will make a beautiful Bihar and a strong India," Nitish Kumar concluded his speech.

2.27 pm

"Don't just take Biharis as Majdoors. Biharis have contributed for development all over. They don't beg."

"We have been working hard to bring back Bihar's glorious past."

2.26 pm

"They will continue with their campaigning. But we need to do our work instead of engaging in blame game," Nitish Kumar said.

2.25 pm

Nitish slams the BJP over the religion issue.

2.23 pm

"What vision on development do they speak about? Just speaking on development doesn't achieve anything."

2.22 pm

"Poverty is still rampant. Women still don't have security. After so many years of independence, things have not improved. Unless we stress on education, health and food, no development will take place," Nitish Kumar.

2.21 pm

"I have no experience in selling tea at railway stations but I too belong to a moderate background," Nitish said.

2.17 pm

"They demeaned a Nobel Prize winner. They practise fascism," Nitish Kumar said.

"It's a fake game going on everywhere," Nitish Kumar said.

2.16 pm

Nitish takes a dig at the BJP over its aggressive language. "Chun chun ke birodhio ko saaf karo (pick and destroy the opponent) is not the language of democravy," Nitish said.

2.12 pm

Don't brag about your favour, Nitish Kumar tells BJP, adding it is not the Indian culture. He said it in response to the BJP's claims made on Sunday that the JD(U) did not acknowledge the BJP's favour.

2.10 pm

"Hunkaar is (BJP's) Ahankaar. They were doing Hunkaar even when we were together. And now you are saying that we have betrayed with you," Nitish said.

2.09 pm

"We asked them to choose a leader who can take all people along, what wrong did I say," Nitish said, indirectly referring to Modi.

2.07 pm

"JP and Lohia and people who formed alliances. Here is one speaking who doesn't know how to keep alliances," Nitish Kumar said.

"When did we leave JP? We never betrayed with people like JP and ram Manohar Lohia," Kumar hits back at Modi who said if Kumar could betray JP, then the BJP is nothing.

2.05 pm

"If Gujaratis love ice cream why aren't Modi's words sweet?" asked Nitish Kumar.

"We never sat face to face in the table of the prime minister," Nitish counters Modi's claims made on Sunday.

2.02 pm

Nitish mocks Narendra Modi. "Why was he wiping sweats so frequently? A candidate for the PM's post shouldn't be doing that. He must be patient and not excited."

2.00 pm

"Takshashila is in Pakistan not in Bihar as he had said," Kumar said.

"They made Chandragupta a member of the Gupt dynasty," mocked Nitish.

Nitish Kumar takes a dig at the BJP's emphasis on history made at the October 27 Hunkaar Rally. "When did Alexander reach the Ganges?", he asked.

1.45 pm

"I asked the security official to sanitise the Gandhi Maidaqn in Patna where the tragedy took place on Sunday," Kumar said.

"I condemn the Patna tragedy," Nitish Kumar said.

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