Delhi polls: Were AAP volunteers paid to wear the topi?

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Delhi: Another AAP video surfaces
New Delhi, Dec 2: The 'topi' donned by the candidates and the volunteers of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), that became a symbol of the party, has now put the AAP into trouble.

According to a video that has been doing rounds on the internet, two youngsters wearing the AAP party topi, reveal that they were paid Rs 200-500 for wearing the topi.This comes to light just two days ahead of the assembly polls in Delhi.

One cannot say that whether this is an authentic video or just a footage to malign the party's image but the footage does reveal a lot more that could seriously damage the party's clean reputation. In the video footage, the youngsters are seen saying that they were given a lot more money than one could imagine just to wear the caps.

Video shows people were given money to wear AAP cap

"I was given Rs 500 to wear the cap," said one boy from the video. The cap has the lettering 'Main Hoon Aam Aadmi' (I am a common man) on it.

But the youngsters get a little suspicious when the person making the video tries to get more information out of them and refuse to talk.

Though only proper examination of the video will reveal whether it is an authentic footage or not, the AAP needs to watch out for such videos that can easily impact their election campaigns.

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(OneIndia does not vouch for the authenticity of the video)

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