Delhi hit-and-run: Victim's family releases CCTV footage of the accident

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New Delhi, Apr 7: Two days after 32-year-old Sidharth Sharma was killed in a hit-and-run case, his family has released the CCTV footage that captured the gruesome moment when he was hit by a speeding Mercedes.

In the footage, it is seen that Sharma realising that the car was overspeeding tried to get out of the way but in vain. The car hit him like lightning and he was flung in the air before he hit the ground.

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Delhi hit & run: Accident caught on CCTV

Passersby rushed to his rescue while some carried his belongings. The incident took place at 10 pm on Monday at Sham Nath Marg in north Delhi's Civil Lines area.

A 17-year-old was said to be behind the wheels of the luxury car. It is said that the underage driver was out with his friends for a joyride. However, on Wednesday, Apr 6 father of the 17-year-old was booked by the police for giving the vehicle to his son.

The accused is said to have fled the spot when the accident occured.

Family of the deceased accused the police of inaction on Wednesday and claimed that the police didn't arrest anyone even though there were eyewitnesses.

Watch the CCTV footage here:

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