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Why Osama Bin Laden's de-classified files mean nothing?


Washington, May 22: In the last 48 hours most of us discussed nothing but the Osama Bin Laden files that were classified by the United States of America. While it does make for interesting reading especially those parts relating to his job application form and his very emotional letter to his wife, the one burning question that needs to be asked is do we know everything as yet?

Among the several 100 files that had been declassified the portions that made for interesting reading are the job application form where Osama assumes the role of a Human Resources Department head and also a letter to his wife where he tells her that she is free to marry provided she chooses him in paradise [Osama's letter to his wife: I really want for you to be my wife in Paradise]

Why Osama's files mean nothing?

The kind of books Osama read, his regrets and also his plans to continue attacking the US are portions of the documents which were revealed. There are several other burning questions that need to be asked which also includes his contact in Pakistan who helped him stay in the safe house in Abottabad.

While the US has promised that it would reveal more in future, the first set of files that have been declassified only aim at causing a distraction to the excellent account of Osama's death by noted journalist Seymour Hersh.

Bin Laden a prisoner of the Pakistanis

While the US may deny that these papers were released only to divert attention from the Seymour Hersh story, the fact remains that Bin Laden indeed was a prisoner of the Pakistanis. None of the papers that were released indicate that Bin Laden was in control of the Al-Qaeda.

He had no operational control over the Al-Qaeda and going by what he has written, he appeared desperate, apologetic and very many times remorseful of what he had put his family through. He feels that God is not on his side [God not on my side, said Osama Bin Laden] as the attacks in Russia failed and this is a clear indicator that he had no control over the Al-Qaeda.

The Hersh account of Bin Laden being held a prisoner by Pakistan and then giving him up to the US makes a lot of sense if one reads through these documents. Osama appears to be a recluse and was being kept by Pakistan only to later strike a deal. If the Pakistanis deny this angle, then they should also stop claiming that the ISI is the best spy agency in the world.

Unanswered questions

Aryan, a noted analyst tells OneIndia that there are burning questions that need to be answered. By no stretch of imagination can one conclude that the Osama operation was conducted without the knowledge of the Pakistanis.

Aryan lists out a couple of points that would need an answer and also indicate that when it comes to playing a spin doctor there are none better than the Americans.

  • Why was General Kayani at his office on the night Osama was killed? He was at his office way past 1 am that day.
  • Why was the entire town of Abottabad in darkness that night? Who ordered turning off the power in the entire town only that night?
  • If the black hawks came in undetected due to stealth technology, how come the Chiknooks arrived undetected?
  • The lead operative on the 2nd floor of the Abottabad house whispers the name of Khalid (son of Bin Laden). How did they know Khalid was present when they claimed they were unsure whether Bin Laden was in the house?
  • The operation took 30 minutes between landing and take off. How come the Pakistan army or even the local cops never showed up after that? Abottabad is a very sensitive military location.
  • Consider the sensitivity of Abottabad as it has a military installation. Did a foreign force fox the entire Pakistani establishment and carry out this operation? So much for the claim that the ISI is the best in the world.
  • The claim that there was a female CIA analyst is a hog wash. There was none as depicted in the movie Zero Dark Thirty.
  • The Navy Seals say they recovered several flash drives and hard disks. Where was Osama downloading the material from when there was no internet in his house?

What India would like to know?

Let us face that that killing Osama Bin Laden was the need of the hour. After all he had masterminded an attack on 9/11 in which 3000 people lost their lives.

While security forces have every right to remain anonymous and not all information needs to be given out in the interest of national security, what India would like to know is did Pakistan harbor Osama Bin Laden.

While the larger picture in this entire story was that Osama has been killed and the world rid of a ruthless terrorist, it is still interesting to know why everyone is silent about Pakistan harboring this man. In the Indian context it makes sense since Pakistan denies that they have with them a Dawood Ibrahim, a Riyaz Bhatkal or a Iqbal Bhatkal.

Pakistan had always denied the presence of Osama on their soil. However when the US undertook the operation and killed Osama in Abottabad, the world knew where he was hiding.

The question that needs to be answered is for how long did Pakistan keep Osama in a safe hideout. What was the money that was paid to let his secret hideout out to the US?

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