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Video: Wheelchair-bound man engages in dangerous stunt on highway


Pretoria, March 11: Road accidents are on the rise across the globe and despite the authorities taking various measures to educate people about safe travelling, not many are ready to take their words seriously. At least, not this gentleman bounded to a wheelchair.

Video: Wheelchair-bound man engages in dangerous stunt on highway

Recently, a video has been posted on South African government's Road Traffic Management Corporation's (RTMC) Facebook account showing a man riding a wheelchair on a busy highway by holding on to huge truck's rear bumper. The video was taken from a car trailing the truck and the man and it has gone viral on social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram.

The blue truck was speeding on the central lane around 70 kmph with the differently-abled man holding on to it, may be to reach his destination faster. It was when a red car went past him that the man left go the truck and used the velocity gained to go to the sidelines.

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As the video became viral on the social media, some local people claimed that the man regularly goes for the act by clinging on to vehicles plying the on the highway, risking his life.

While some felt the man's stunt was "cool", there were several users who slammed him saying he was being irresponsible.

"In a country where we lose 14,000 people annually who die as a result of road crashes, this is totally unacceptable. We condemn this dangerous behaviour," RTMC wrote on Facebook.

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