Video: North Korea 'launches' nuclear strike against US; Washington 'reduced' to ashes

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Pyongyang, March 26: A new North Korean video has shown the hermit kingdom reducing Washington DC, the capital of the US, into ashes after launching a massive nuclear attack. [North Korea fires ballistic missile into sea, ignores UN]

The four-minute clip giving wings to a wishful thinking is titled "Last Chance" has been uploaded to government website DPRK.

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The video, developed by top North Korean military officials, takes the viewers through the rough US-North Korea relations, showing events like the Korean War of 1950-53 and military skirmishes between the two countries at different times. [US slaps new sanctions on North Korea]

The video then shows a huge barrage of artillery which accompanied by bellicose music and scenes of bombers and warships beginning their journey to destroy the enemy.

The clip ends with a missile strike launched from a submarine which surges through clouds, reaches the American soil and hits the Lincoln Memorial. [North Korea mocks Iowa caucuses, calls President Obama gangster]

Moments later, a bright flash hits the very heart of the US capital sending a mushroom cloud into the sky. The White House was seen ripped apart while American flags were left burnt in the impact.

A message on the screen in Korean said North Korea would hit the US with nukes if the American imperialists moved an inch towards it.

The video came just days after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un presided over long-range artillery drills that aimed at a strike on Seoul, the capital of South Korea and a friend of the US.

Tension is running high on the Korean peninsula after Pyongyang carried out a nuclear test in January and launched a satellite rocket in February.

The move made major powers, including the US and China, to focus on Pyongyang's international conduct. Seoul also initiated large-scale military drills with the US aimed at dealing with Pyongyang.

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