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US State Secy Mike Pompeo visits N Korea again, meets Kim Jong-un


Pyongyang, Oct 7: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made yet another visit to North Korea pn Sunday, October 7, and met its Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un to boost the talks over the East Asian country dismantling its nuclear programme and also set up the stage for another summit between the latter and US President Donald Trump.

The two reportedly spoke for about two hours and also had lunch together.

US State Secy Mike Pompeo visits N Korea, meets Kim Jong-un

The duo shook hands before the camera before the lunch. Kim reportedly told Pompeo that he was satisfied with the meeting before heading for the break. He even expressed hope over a "good future" for both the sides that have seen ups and downs in their rapprochement this year even though Kim and Trump had a historic summit in Singapore on June 12.

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Pompeo also praised the meeting and said he had a "great visit" and a "very successful meeting". Both men took help of translators while interacting.

The last visit to North Korea in July did not go too well for Pompeo, who took over earlier this year. Though he said the two countries had made progress, Pyongyang had openly criticised him for making "gangster-like" demands. Pompeo did not meet Kim on that occasion, either.

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He had planned a visit in August but it did not go through as Trump cancelled it at the last moment for the two countries had quite a gap to cover over the negotiations.

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