US votes - Catch it live here: Donald Trump elected as New US President

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Washington, Nov 9: A polarised US went to polls on Tuesday after a bruising, nasty campaign that leaves Democrat Hillary Clinton with a slim lead over her Republican rival Donald Trump after she received a reprieve from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) over investigations into her email server use.


The nation held its breathas individual polls have a spread ranging a from a 4 percent lead for Clinton in major ones like those by CBS, Fox and Washington Post to a 5 percent lead for Trump in the Los Angeles Times poll.

On the last day of the campaign of personal invective, the two candidates and their supporters criss-crossed the country on Monday, taking aim at the "Battleground States," those where neither party had a solid lead, the control of the Congress -- now in the hands of the Republicans - is also at stake and the outcome could impact the next presidency.

Here are the live updates.

1.29 pm: Trump says 'ours was not a campaign', but rather a movement.

1.28 pm: Donald Trump calls for unity

1.26 pm: Donald Trump: "America will no longer settle for anything less than the best"

1.25 pm: "I will be a president for all Americans" - Donald Trump

1.23 pm: Donald Trump: "The forgotten men and women of this country will be forgotten no longer"

1.22 pm: Trump: "Working together, we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the American dream"

1.20 pm: "Sorry to keep you waiting -- complicated business," Trump said.

"I just received a call from Secretary Clinton," Trump opened. "She congratulated us -- this is about us -- on our victory, and I congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard-fought campaign. She fought very hard."

1.15 pm: Mike Pence Vice President elect: 'The American People Have Elected Their New Champion'

1.05 pm: Presidential election results Hillary Clinton 218 against Donald Trump's 276.

1.01 pm: Donald Trump has won Wisconsin. Wisconsin has 10 electoral votes

12.50 pm: Presidential election results Hillary Clinton 218 against Donald Trump's 266.

12.38 pm: Clinton Won't Speak to Supporters Tonight

12.31 pm: Presidential election results Hillary Clinton 218 against Donald Trump's 265.

12.13 pm: With Pennsylvania Win, Trump Is Just Shy of 270

12.10 pm: Donald Trump has won Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has 20 electoral votes

11.52 am: With Pennsylvania Win, Republicans Maintain Hold on Senate

11.45 am: Hillary Clinton has opened up a lead in New Hampshire, where she's now ahead by about 700 votes with 85% of precincts reporting. She's trailing in most other states, behind by 2 points in Michigan, just under a point in Pennsylvania, and 3 points in Wisconsin.

11.28 am: Chinese Watchers Cheer Trump at Viewing Party in Beijing

11.12 am: Eastern, polls will close in Alaska, where polling has shown Mr. Trump with a slight lead. The state has three electoral votes.

10.59 am: Ken Salazar, Clinton Transition Chief, 'Not Giving Up Hope'

10.59 am: Presidential election results Hillary Clinton 215 against Donald Trump's 244.

10.52 am: Hillary Clinton has won Nevada. Nevada has 6 electoral votes

10.39 am: Presidential election results Hillary Clinton 209 against Donald Trump's 244.

10.34 am: Presidential election results Hillary Clinton 209 against Donald Trump's 238.

10.25 am: Donald Trump has won Utah. Utah has 6 electoral votes

10.22 am: Trump Is Winning Popular Vote by 1.5 Million

10.09 am: Clinton Holds Strong Lead in Must-Win Nevada

10.08 am: Presidential election results Hillary Clinton 209 against Donald Trump's 232.

10.05 am: Fox News Projects Trump Wins Wisconsin

10.04 am: Donald Trump has won Georgia which has 16 votes.

10.02 am: Hillary Clinton has won Washington. Washington has 12 electoral votes

9.55 am: The Mood at Clinton Party - It's completely silent here. Only the sound of ABC news. Everyone looks stunned. -Carol E. Lee (Source Wall Street Journal)

9.34 am: Hillary Clinton has won California, the state has 55 electoral votes.

9.30 am: Donald Trump has won Idaho, the state has 4 electoral votes.

9.24 am: Donald Trump has completely turned the tables on Hillary Clinton, and the race is extremely close.

9.23 am: Donald Trump has won Florida.

9.15 am: Hillary Clinton has won Colorado.

9.13 am: Hillary Clinton has won Virginia.

9.09 am: Donald Trump has won Ohio.

9.05 am: There was a huge burst of applause when overhead televisions showed NBC calling Virginia for Clinton - Peter Nicholas (Source Wall Street Journal)

9.03 am: Fox News Calls Colorado for Clinton

9.02 am: Donald Trump has won Missouri.

9.00 am: Dow futures plunge as Trump's chances brighten

9.00 am: Trump in his apartment, drinking Diet Coke

9.00 am: Hillary Clinton wins New Mexico.

8.58 am: Hillary Clinton will win New Mexico predicts CNN

8.41 am: NBC has called New Mexico for Hillary Clinton.

8.35 am: Donald Trump will win Montana, CNN projects.

8.25 am: Global markets are sinking as early election results showing a tight race in battleground states, say reports.

8.20 am: Republicans will retain their majority in the House of Representatives, as per CNN projects.

8.10 am: Donald Trump will win Louisiana and Hillary Clinton will win Connecticut, according to CNN projects.

8 am: Donald Trump and I are ready to win, says Kellyanne Conway, Trump's campaign manager.

7.50 am: Donald Trump will win Texas and Arkansas, according to CNN projects.

7.40 am:  Donald Trump leads in Georgia, Florida and Ohio. Trump leads in Virginia too with 49.5% votes.

7.30 am: GOP's Todd Young wins US Senate seat in Indiana.

7.20 am: Republicans have retained control of the US House of Representatives, say US network projections.

7.10 am: Hillary Clinton wins District of Columbia and New Jersey.

6.56 am: Florida's Marco Rubio re-elected to US Senate.

6.47 am: Donald Trump wins Oklahoma, Tennessee and Mississippi. Florida, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire are too early to call: US networks prediction.

6.36 am: Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump 68-48 in the race to 270 electoral votes, predict US networks.

6.34 am: Hillary Clinton wins Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island and District of Columbia, predict US networks.

6.28 am: Hillary Clinton overtakes Donald Trump in partial results from both Florida and North Carolina; races too early to call.

6.18 am: Who did George Bush vote for? Click here to find out

6.13 am: Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton 24-3 in the race to 270 electoral votes.

6.04 am: Donald Trump wins West Virginia, too early to call in crucial state of Ohio and too early in North Carolina, predict US networks.

5.57 am: DonaldTrump leads HillaryClinton 19-3 in the race to 270 electoral votes: CNN Projects.

5.50 am: New York: Security moves media further away from Trump HQ at Hilton as exit polls come in US Presidential elections 2016.

5.41 am: 1 dead, 3 injured after reported shooting near polling site in Azusa,California.

5.40 am: South Carolina and Georgia are too close to call: CNN.

5.32 am: Donald Trump wins Kentucky and Indiana; Hillary Clinton wins Vermont (CNN projections).

5.25 am: Polls close in first six states in US election.

4.53 am: At least 4 people taken to hospital after shooting in Azusa, California; shooter at large; polling stations on lockdown .

4.52 am: Donald Trump with 69.3 per cent votes and Hillary Clinton with 27.5 per cent votes in Indiana.

4.43 am: Donald Trump with 79.1 per cent votes and Hillary Clinton with 18 per cent votes in Kentucky.

4.35 am: Former President George W. Bush and his wife Laura voted "None of the Above" for president and Republican down-ballot, says spokesman.

4.33 am: First polls close in parts of Indiana and Kentucky; partial results expected soon.

4.15 am: Changing US demographic could determine next US President says Washington Post. Read here.

3.53 am: CNN's exit poll says 22% voters voted for experience, 22% voted with judgment in mind.

3.45 am: According to CNN exit polls, 38 per cent want the President to bring a change. 62% decided to vote before Sept.

3.20 am: Hillary Clinton leaves home in Chappaqua, New York, bound for New York City.

2.55 am: I will be watching the election results from Trump Tower in Manhattan with my family and friends. Very exciting!: Donald Trump.

2.00 am: Voting for US Presidential elections underway in New York

1.52 am: Judge rules against Donald Trump campaign in Neveda voting dispute.

1.33 am: Youngstown,Ohio: Voting for US Presidential elections underway

1.32 am: Voting hours have been extended at a Grand Prairie, Texas, polling site after an election judge was found dead at his home early Tuesday.

1.12 am: Hillary Clinton far ahead of Donald Trump on betting exchanges and online markets.

1.07 am: Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit in Nevada, alleging elections officials in Clark County extended the voting hours at several Las Vegas locations.

00.45 am: Inspite of being banned, a large number of ballot selfies were reported from New York on Election Day.

00.24 am: Governor Mike Pence casts his vote on Election Day in Indianapolis.

[End of Day 1 updates]

11.38 pm: Web Publisher of Hacked Emails Goes Offline

11.28 pm: Republicans Say They're Feeling Good About Turn-Out Effort

11.30 pm: US election 2016: No sign of vigilante poll watchers in North Philadelphia

11.20 pm: No Election-Related Cyberattacks So Far, Official Says

11.00 pm: Last Minute Deciders in Suburban Milwaukee Choose Trump

10.30 pm: Trump Tower Is a Fortress

10.14 pm: Donald Trump Casts His Ballot in New York City.

9.40 am: "I've decided to vote for Trump," Donald Trump said in an early-morning interview on Fox News

8.25 pm: Stevie Wonder: asking Trump to be president is like asking me to drive.

8.21 pm: "If we don't win, this will be the single greatest waste of time, energy and money in my life," Donald Trump said.

8.20 pm: First-Time Las Vegas Voter Casts Ballot for Clinton and Democratic Senate Hopeful Cortez Masto (Source: Wall Street Journal)

8.14 pm: In Pennsylvania, Voters Also Weigh Senate Race That Could Decide Control of Chamber (source: Wall Street Journal)

7.50 pm: Election 2016 was a great opportunity for Republicans. Instead, the GOP lies broken: Jamie Weinstein

7.47 pm: Panel upholds "soft-money" ban but sends GOP campaign finance challenge to Supreme Court

7.35 pm: Virginia Woman Prefers Pence but Voted Clinton Over Trump (Source Wall Street Journal)

7.05 pm: Solid Trump Support in Aventura, Fla.; 'Even Though He Looks Like a Buffoon, He's Not a Buffoon'

7.01 pm: Bill Clinton Votes for His Wife for President

6.59 pm: Biden Casts a Ballot, Jokes With Voters and Volunteers

6.51 pm: Hope to do the best I can. Feel humbled so many are counting on me says Hillary.

6.50 pm: Your Election Day Cliff Notes: 8 key races to watch here.

6.17 pm: Voting Begins in New Hampshire -- With Some Long Lines (Source: Wall Street Journal)

6.08 pm: Who is leading the polls the day before voting? Not a clear 'Clinton' or 'Trump'

6.07 pm: Polls have officially opened, and closed, in one small New Hampshire town. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton topped Donald Trump 4-2 in Dixville Notch, where midnight voting has been a tradition since 1960. (Source: Wall Street Journal)

5.39 pm: When will we know who won? New York Times has this interesting graphic- Read it here.

5.36 pm: East Coast polls open as Americans cast their verdicts on Clinton & Trump after an acrimonious campaign.

5.32 pm: Donald Trump has made it clear: in his America, Muslim citizens don't exist: Moustafa Bayoumi

4.50 pm: Polls open in pivotal US presidential elections reports AP

3:55 pm: Triumph hopes for a miracle. Read the report at

3:40 pm: US President Barack Obama on Monday said at one of his last campaign rallies in the key state of Michigan that the people who supported him in the 2008 and 2012 elections need to "trust him" again and go vote for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

3:20 pm: Defence and counter-terrorism would be the two key pillars of Indo-US strategic ties under Donald Trump, his top military advisor has said while asserting that India will be "absolutely critical" to the Republican candidate's foreign policy as president.

2:30 pm: Inside Donald Trump's last stand- Read what the New York Times has to say

2:00 pm: Making a strong pitch for his wife and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary, former US President Bill Clinton has said that Americans would determine if they want a change to move forward or to go backward in this general election.

1:32 pm: A record 46.2 million of the estimated 200 million voters have exercised their franchise in the 2016 US presidential elections before the official voting day, surpassing the 2012 record when 32.3 million people had voted in advance.

Read more: Your quick guide to the US Presidential Elections 2016

1:28 pm: Highlighting the sharp contrast between her vision for the US and that of Donald Trump, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has said the country's "core values" were at stake in the polls as she urged people to vote for an "inclusive" and "big-hearted" America.

1:20 pm: Hillary Clinton more qualified to become president than Bill Clinton: Barack Obama.

1:08 pm: Meanwhile the Post reports that state officials in US prepare for an unusually chaotic election day. Read the story here State officials prepare for an unusually chaotic Election Day

12:56 pm: Hillary Clinton says voters have "a choice between division or unity".

12:40 pm:

12:14 pm: "If you believe we should never write discrimination into our've got to vote!" -Hillary.

12:00 pm: "If you believe in science and that we have to act on climate change, then you have to vote!" -Hillary.

11:44 am: "If you believe we should never write discrimination into our've got to vote!" -Hillary.

11:37 am: "It's not just my name or Donald Trump's name on the ballot-it's the kind of country we want." -Hillary.


11:33 am:

11:31 am:

11:19 am:

11:17 am: Tiny New Hampshire towns release first voting results in 2016 election.

11:16 am: Today, we're going to win the great state of Michigan and we are going to win back the White House: Trump.

11:14 am:

10:40 am: Hillary Clinton wins the midnight vote in Dixville Notch, N.H., beating Donald Trump 4 votes to 2.

10:30 am: Voters in small New Hampshire town cast votes at midnight, kicking off U.S. presidential elections.

10:05 am: 'Dream big,' Trump urges supporters on the eve of US election.

10:00 am: Hillary Clinton: 'We build bridges not walls'.

9:49 am: Preparations are underway on US Election eve as tight presidential contest between Clinton and Trump winds down.

9:44 am: US progress will go down the drain if Hillary Clinton doesn't win, says President Obama.

9:30 am: Mike Pence says Donald Trump embodies the 'spirit of America'.

9:10: When you see real Americans coming up to you this way, it's awesome. I am betting that tomorrow, you will reject fear, and choose hope: Donald Trump Jr.

8:55 am: Outgoing US President Barack Obama urges voters to reject fear and choose hope.

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8:40 am: If his closest advisers don't trust him to tweet, why would we trust him with nuclear codes?: Barack Obama on Trump.

8:25 am: We don't want to shrink the vision of this country, we want to keep expanding it: Hillary Clinton.

8:20 am: I regret deeply how angry the tone of the campaign became: Hillary Clinton addressing a rally in Philadelphia.

Read more: Million-dollar question: Who are you betting on--Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

8:15 am: We love this country, not that we are blind to its faults but I still believe that America's best days are yet to come: Hillary Clinton.

8:10 am: This elections there is choice b/w division & unity,b/w economy that works for everyone or that works only for those on top: Hillary Clinton.

7:55 am: America am betting with you again; betting for your tomorrow, don't cast vote for someone who has no respect for constitution: Barack Obama.

Read more: US presidential elections 2016

7:40 am: Can't trust Donald Trump with nuclear codes: US President Barack Obama in Philadelphia.

7:30 am: Hillary Clinton is strong and tough like American people, and she knows that Govt service is not for her but for you: Barack Obama.

7:20 am: You just don't have to vote against someone, you have someone outstanding to vote for in Hillary Clinton: Barack Obama.

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