US polls 2016: Democratic debate turns hot ahead of April 19 NY primary

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New York, April 17: Unlike what is happening in the Republican camp, the Democratic presidential candidate nomination race has not been ugly so far. Both the contestants, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, have been quite polite during the debates.

But of late, the scenario has changed and the final debate before the April 19 primary in New York on Thursday (April 14) was quite a bruised affair with the rivals even going to the extent of launching pesonal attacks---something which is being seen in the Republican debates more.

Sanders, who won seven of the last eight contests against Clinton, questioned her judgment although he agreed that she has the experience and intelligence to become the next president of the US. The two have also been seen fighting over Wall Street banks, minimum wage and gun control issues. [Will Panama Papers leak episode make an impact on US Prez election 2016?]


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But why did the debate go ugly the way it did before the April 19 primary?

According to experts, New York is known for its brash and aggressive culture and that perhaps had caught up with the two rivals. Both Clinton and Sanders attacked each other's policy positions in sharp terms, something which was not seen in most of the past debates. Both agreed to the fact that they were qualified for the top post but questioned each other's "judgment". [Why Panama Papers leak is a blessing for Bernie Sanders]

Again, while Clinton, who is leading against Sanders despite losing the last seven contests, hit out at Sanders on the gun control issue, the latter criticised her for supporting the 2003 Iraq War and said she exhibited the same kind of "mentality" which led to the Libya debacle. The Vermont senator also attacked Clinton over her ties with the Wall Street, which against which he was spoken strongly in this primary season.

Clinton also had her moment when she asked whether Sanders, depite making policy proposals, knew how to proceed on them.

The debate was so heated up that neither of the two candidates were ready to give each other a chance despite being warned by the moderator.

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