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US presidential election 2016: Caucus/primary schedules & results


The series of caucuses and primaries for the 2016 presidential election in the US began with the Iowa caucuses on February 1 in which both the Democrats and Republicans witnessed close contests.

Here is the complete list of caucus and primary schedules along with their results (latest first)

US presidential election 2016

JUNE 18-21: Republican Convention in Cleveland

JULY 25-28: Democratic National Convention


JUNE 14: District of Columbia (Democratic)

Result: Hillary Clinton wins with 78.71% votes; bags 16 delegates as against Sanders's 4

Hillary wins final Democratic primary

Trump's campaign faces cash crunch and is way behind Hillary


JUNE 7: California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota caucus (Democratic), South Dakota


Democrats: Hillary Clinton won California, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota (total delegates won 402); Bernie Sanders won Montana and North Dakota with (delegates won 283)

Republicans: Donald Trump won all five states (total delegates won 297)

8 years after failure, Hillary Clinton makes history

Hillary will look to wrap it up on final Super Tuesday

Hillary Clinton clinched Democratic nomination: NBC


MAY 24: Washington (Republican)

Results: Donald Trump wins with 76.22% [he got 40 delegates]

Trump wins Washington

Violence erupts at Trump's rally in New Mexico

Bernie Sanders wants Kentucky result recounted


MAY 17: Oregon, Kentucky (Democratic)

Results: Hillary Clinton wins Kentucky with 46.8% [Hillary - 27 delegates, Sanders - 27]; Bernie Sanders wins Oregon with 54.45% [Sanders - 28 delegates, Hillary - 24]

Hillary Clinton wins Kentucky state primary; Sanders bags Oregon

Trump wants to talk to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un


MAY 10: Nebraska (Republican), West Virginia


Democrats: Bernie Sanders wins with 51.36% [Sanders - 16 delegates, Hillary Clinton - 11]

Republicans: Donald Trump wins Nebraska with 61.4% [gets all 36 delegates]; West Virginia with 76.65% [gets 3 delegates]

Sanders, Trump win West Virginia primaries

Will support Trump over Hillary: Marco Rubio


MAY 7: Guam (Democratic)


Hillary Clinton wins with 60% [Clinton gets 4 delegates; Sanders gets 3 delegates]

Hillary wins Guam; it looks almost over for Sanders


MAY 3: Indiana


Democrats: Bernie Sanders wins with 52.49% [Sanders - 43 delegates; Hillary - 37 delegates]

Republicans: Donald Trump wins with 53.25% [Trump - 51 delegates; Ted Cruz - 0 delegates]

John Kasich withdraws from race

Ted Cruz drops out of race

Why candidate Trump and President Trump will be poles apart

Trump wins Indiana


APRIL 26: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island


Democrats: Hillary Clinton wins Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania; Bernie Sanders wins Rhode Island [Hillary - 183 delegates; Sanders - 13 delegates]

Republicans: Donald Trump wins all five states [Trump - 105 delegates; John Kasich - 5 delegates; Ted Cruz - 1 delegate]

Donald Trump declares him presumptive nominee after sweeping 5 primaries

Cruz now looks to Rubio's 173 delegates; will they save him?

Half of my Cabinet will feature women, says Hillary


APRIL 19: New York


Democrats: Hillary Clinton wins with 57.73% [Hillary - 135 delegates; Sander - 104]

Republicans: Donald Trump wins with 60.01% [Trump - 89 delegates; Kasich - 3]

Trump, Hillary win pivotal NY primary

Trump looks to win big in home state primary

Democratic debate turns hot ahead of NY primary

Why Panama Papers leak is a blessing for Bernie Sanders

Trump rakes up '7-Eleven' memory ahead of NY primary


APRIL 9: Wyoming (Democratic caucus)


Sanders beats Clinton [Sanders: 55.71%, Clinton: 44.29%] Both won 7 delegates each

Sanders beats Clinton in Wyoming caucus

Will Panama Papers leak episode make an impact on US Prez election 2016?

Sanders seen trading at 97% vs Hillary in Wyoming!


APRIL 5: Wisconsin


Democrats: Bernie Sanders win [delegates: Sanders 45, Clinton 31]

Republicans: Ted Cruz wins [delegates: Cruz 33, Trump 3]

Blow for Trump as Cruz bags Wisconsin

President Obama takes on Trump, Cruz over foreign policy proposals


MARCH 26: Alaska, Hawaii and Washington caucuses (Democratic)


Bernie Sanders wins Alaska, Washington, Hawaii

Sanders beats Clinton in Alaska, Washington, Hawaii caucuses

After losing four in five states, is Hillary campaign feeling nervous?

Trump's ant-women remarks may cost contest against Hillary, feels GOP


MARCH 22: Idaho caucuses (Democratic), Arizona, Utah


Democrats: Hillary Clinton wins Arizona; Bernie Sanders wins Utah and Idaho caucuses

Republicans: Donald Trump wins Arizona; Ted Cruz wins Utah [Total delegates: Trump 58, Cruz 40]

Can Ted Cruz check Donald Trump's march in Utah?

US presidential candidates now fight over their wives

Trump, Hillary win Arizona

Cruz wins Utah; Sanders makes it 2-1 against Hillary


MARCH 15: Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio


Democrats: Hillary Clinton wins all five states

Republicans: Donald Trump wins Florida, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina; Joh Kasich wins Ohio

Hillary, Trump sweep yet another Super Tuesday

Rubio pulls out of presidential race

Rubio regrets on the eve of Florida primary

What is a Super Tuesday


MARCH 12: Guam & Wyoming Republican conventions, Northern Mariana Islands caucus (Democratic), District of Columbia caucus (Republican)


Democrats: Hillary wins Northern Mariana Islands, gets 54% votes [Delegates: Hillary - 4; Sanders - 2]

Repubicans: Rubio wins DC, gets 37.3% votes; Kasich gets 35.5% [Total delegates at stake -19]

Republican Convention results:

Wyoming: Ted Cruz wins 9 out of 12 delegates; Rubio and Donald Trump 1 each; 1 uncomitted

Guam: Out of 9 delegates, 1 goes to Cruz; 8 still uncommitted

Rubio wins DC; Tump finishes third

Cruz wins most delegates in Wyoming conventions

Trump and Modi have one common advantage: The middle class

Ben Carson endorses Donald Trump


MARCH 8: Hawaii (Republican caucus), Idaho (Republican), Michigan, Mississippi, Democrats abroad


Republicans: Trump wins Michigan, Mississippi and leads in Hawaii, Cruz wins Idaho

Democrats: Hillary won Mississippi, Sanders won Michigan

Trump, Hillary expand lead in US presidential race


MARCH 6: Maine caucus (Democratic), Puerto Rico primary (Republican)


Democrats: Bernie Sanders 64.5%, Hillary Clinton 35.5% [Delegates: Sanders 15, Hillary 7]

Republicans: Marco Rubio 71%, Donald Trump 13%, Ted Cruz 9%, John Kasich 1% [Delegates: Rubio 23]

Rubio sweeps Puerto Rico, stays in GOP nomination race


MARCH 5: Super Saturday (5-state polling)


Democrats: Bernie Sanders wins Kansas and Nebraska, Hillary Clinton wins Louisiana

Republicans: Donald Trump wins Kentucky and Louisiana, Ted Cruz wins Kansas and Maine

Trump fails to sweep Super Saturday; asks Rubio to quit race Sanders beats Hillary in Maine Caucuses Why are Sanders's supporters unhappy with superdelegates


MARCH 1: Super Tuesday (11-state polling)


Democrats: Hillary Clinton wins Georgia, Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Massachusetts (total seven states); Bernie Sanders wins Vermont, Oklahoma, Colorado and Minnesota (four states)

Republicans: Donald Trump wins Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Arkansas, Vermont, Massachusetts, Tennessee (total seven states); Ted Cruz wins Texas, Oklahoma, Alaska (three states); Marco Rubio wins Minnesota (one state)

Why losing Republican candidates not quitting race to stop Trump Cruz wants others to be out but Rubio in no mood to quit

What is Super Tuesday?


FEB 27: South Carolina primary (Democratic)


Hillary Clinton 73.5%, Bernie Sanders 26% [Delegates: Hillary - 37, Sanders - 12]

Hillary Clinton bags biggest victory over Sanders so far


FEB 23: Nevada Caucuses (Republican)


Donald Trump 45%, Marco Rubio 23.5%, Ted Cruz 22.4.8% [Delegates: Trump - 12, Rubio - 5, Cruz -5 ]

Donald Trump registers third straight victory, wins Nevada Caucuses Why Marco Rubio is losing the battle everybody wanting him to win


FEB 20: South Carolina Primary (Republican); Nevada Caucus (Democratic)


Donald Trump wins South Carolina with 32.5%, Marco Rubio finishes second with 22.5% and Ted Cruz 22.3%

Hillary Clinton wins Nevada Caucuses with 52.6%, Sanders 47.3%

Jeb Bush drops out of race for White House

Explained: How Donald Trump can still lose the race for nomination


FEB 9: New Hampshire primaries (both Democratic and Republican parties)


Democrats: Bernie Sanders 60%, Hillary Clinton 38%

Republicans: Donald Trump 35%, John Kasich 16%, Ted Cruz 12%

Sanders, Trump win New Hampshire primaries

Is America afraid after Trump's New Hampshire victory?


FEB 1: Iowa caucuses (both Democratic and Republican parties)


Democrats: Hillary Clinton 50%, Bernie Sanders 50%

Republicans: Ted Cruz 28%, Donald Trump 24%, Marco Rubio 23%

Cruz beats Trump in Iowa; Clinton, Sanders both claim victory---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

NOV 8: General election

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