US losing its shirts to countries like China, India, says Donald Trump

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Madison (Wisconsin), March 29: Republican front-runner Donald Trump told a radio host in Milwaukee in Wisconsin that the US is losing its shirts to countries like China, Mexico, Japan and India due to lack of the "best and smartest" negotiators.

Trump, who was speaking to Charlie Sykes, an outspoken conservative in the telephonic interview, said he is not very conservative when it comes to trade. He called himself a "free trader" and stressed that the US needed to do its trade more smartly. He said countries like China are manipulating their currencies and not allowing countries like US to compete. He also said those sitting in Washington are "clueless". [Outspoken interviewer corners Trump]


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However, when Sykes asked what the USA's imposing 45 per cent tariff on its imports under a probable Trump Presidency would do to states like Wisconsin, Trump said that would never happen, prompting Sykes to ask whether the Republican candidate was bluffing. [Trump praises PM Narendra Modi]

Trump also said the US needs a businessman as the politicians will never be able to configure the problem. He also said the US was getting ripped off by every othe country in the Nato.

Wisconsin will witness Republican and Democratic primaries on April 5.


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