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(Day 5) Updates: PM Modi's meets President Obama, addresses UN Peacekeeping Summit


New York, Sept 24: Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived at SAP Centre in San Jose today and received a rousing welcome. Modi spoke about Digital India and talked about fight against terrorism. He even paid tribute to Bhagat Singh on his birth anniversary.

We bring you all the latest updates right here.

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(Day 5) Updates: PM Modi in US

Day 5 (Sept 28)

2.55 pm: PM Modi meets Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas at New York.

2.45 pm: PM thanks President Obama for inviting at UN peacekeeping summit.

2.30 am: We have announced new intended contribution to UN peacekeeping operations: PM

2.29 am: Such as deployment of addtnl 850 troops in existing or new operations, 3 additional police units with higher rep of female peacekeepers: PM

2.28 am:India stands ready to contribute, including financially to this objective: PM

2.20 am: For peacekeepers who laid down their lives, it would be most fitting to propose a memorial wall, added PM Modi.

2.16 am: We must compliment the long pending task of reforms within a fixed time frame of UNSC to preserve the relevance & effectiveness of UN, said PM.

2.11 am: PM reiterates that success of UN Peacekeeping ultimately depends not on the weapons of soldiers, but on the moral force of the UNSC.

2.03 am: Renewing India's pledge for peace. PM Narendra modi announces new contributions to UN peacekeeping.

12.55 pm: Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif greets PM Modi at Peacekeeping event; PM Modi acknowledges Sharif.

12.50 am: PM Narendra Modi participates in Leaders' Summit on Peacekeeping convened by Barack Obama.

11.35 pm: Fact is that US-India are now partners in every area of human endeavor, everything under the sun: Vikas Swarup, MEA

11.30 pm: There was a broad acknowledgement that the Kashmir issue is a bilateral issue between India & Pak: MEA.

9.55 pm: I thank President Obama for support for India's permanent membership of a reformed UNSC. Great pleasure to meet President Obama, I deeply value your friendship: PM Modi.

9.00 pm: When leader of largest democracy meets President of oldest democracy. PM Modi meets President Obama in New York, 5th meeting in 1 year. Bilateral meeting between the two leaders underway.

7.15 pm: PM Modi meets with French President Francois Hollande in New York.

6.00 pm: PM Modi meets British Prime Minister David Cameroon in New York.

2.40 pm: PM Narendra Modi arrives in New York.

Day 4 (Sept 27)

9.13 am: PM Modi leaves San Jose for New York.

7.30 am: Narendra Modi arrives at SAP Centre in San Jose. (Read highlights of his speech)

1.00 am: I hope your work helps the poor of India, and that even I get to learn something from it: PM Modi at Google HQ.

12.50 am: I want to compliment the people here who spend so much time on computers to find solutions for various issues, says PM Modi at Google office.

12.45 am: We are starting with 100 of the busiest railway stations, we hope to expand it to 400 stations by the end of next year: Sunder Pichai.

 PM Modi reaches Google office

12.42 am: I am honored to welcome PM Modi here: Google CEO Sunder Pichai

12.10 am: A clear view of health. PM gets a view of Project Iris, smart lens that measure glucose levels.

11.57 pm: PM asked that Khagaul be pinpointed on Google Earth. Khagaul near Patna is where the great ancient astronomer Aryabhatta had an observatory.

11.55 pm: It's a visit to Google Guru, as the PM likes to call it, after the Facebook Q&A.

11.35 pm: PM Modi reaches Google office, CEO Sundar Pichai welcomes him.

11.20 pm: PM Modi writes a message "Ahimsa Parmo Dharma. Satyamev Jayatey" in Gujarati on Facebook's famed real Wall, to be preserved for posterity.

11.10 pm: When we were young, we used to do much to just get by. We used to do the neighbour's dishes, labour work. You can imagine what a mother had to do to raise her children: PM Modi breaks into tears while speaking of his mother's struggle.

11.00 pm: PM Modi breaks down while talking about his mother at Townhall before concluding the session.

10.57 pm: Mark Zuckerberg asks PM Modi about his mother at Facebook Townhall meet.

10.56 pm: India biggest market for investment, says PM Modi at Townhall meet.

10.50 pm: Earlier only capitals were connected but today social media enables us to connect with the people directly.

10.39 pm: I sent greetings to PM @netanyahu in Hebrew. He responded in Hindi. So social media is transforming diplomacy, says PM Modi.

10.25 pm: I am very happy to come here, at the Facebook HQ. I am here with you all, who are connected with the entire world, says PM Modi.

10.21 pm: PM Modi is a leader who can deliver, says Mark Zuckerberg.

10.19 pm: PM Modi begins his speech in Hindi at Facebook HQ.

10.18 pm: Zuckerberg urges users to support Indian government's support.

10.15 pm: Its an honour to welcome you at Facebook, says Zuckerberg.

10.14 pm: National Security Adviser to PM Ajit Dioval, Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar join PM at Facebook headquarter.

10.00 pm: Townhall Q&A will begin in a short while at Facebook headquarters.

9.51 pm: PM Modi arrives at Facebook HQ for Townhall Q&A. Mark Zuckerberg welcomes him.

9.40 pm: Everybody is really excited about PM Modi ji visiting Silicon Valley. PM's visit will strengthen bond between technology,bridge gap so that we can have path of innovation to India:Indian origin Google employee.

9.20 pm: Later in the day, PM Modi will also pay a visit to Google Menlo Park office.

9.05 pm: For Live streaming of Facebook's Townhall Q&A click: YouTube

9.00 pm: PM Modi also changes his Facebook profile picture thanking Mark Zuckerberg for his support.

8.45 pm: Mark Zuckerberg changes his Facebook profile picture, says, I changed my profile picture to support Digital India.

8.35 pm: PM Narendra Modi to arrive at Facebook Headquarters for Townhall Q&A, San Jose.

9.00 am: After MyGov.in, we launched the Narendra Modi Mobile App. They are helping me stay in close touch with people, says PM Narendra Modi.

[What PM Narendra Modi said at Digital India Summit at Silicon Valley: Full Text]

8.55 am: "We will use Information technology to set up Smart Cities. I now speak of M-Governance. That's the way to go in a country with 1 billion cell phones,growing at double digit rates", says PM Modi.

8.50 am: "Digital India is enterprise for India's transformation, on a scale which's perhaps unmatched in history. I see technology as a means to empower & tool that bridges the distance between hope and opportunity. Social Media is reducing social barriers, says PM Modi.

8.45 am: "California last place in world to see sunset, new ideas, however, see the first light of the day", says PM Narendra Modi at Digital India event.

8.35 am: I was in India last year, I could feel the change.I met hungry entrepreneurs, similar to the ones I meet in Silicon Valley, says Sundar Pichai.

8.30 am: Google CEO Sundar Pichai speaks at the Digital India event.

8.15 am: We are extremely excited & motivated with PM's Digital India vision:Paul Jacobs, Qualcomm.

8.00 am: We want to help people make things, and make things happen, says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

7.45 am: You (PM Modi) are an amazing ambassador of your country: John Chambers, Cisco.

7.30 am: PM Narendra Modi attends Digital India Summit with top Tech CEOs at San Jose.

7.15 am: PM Modi meets CEOs of Microsoft,Google,Qualcomm,Adobe,Cisco & others.

7.00 am: PM Narendra Modi meets Apple CEO Tim Cook in San Jose, California.

Day 3 (Sept 26)

2.00 am: PM Modi interacts with Indian community at San Jose.

1.50 am: Huge crowd gathered outside the hotel where PM Modi will stay during his tour. As many as 10 Mayors of California welcomed PM Modi at San Jose airport.

1.40 am: PM Modi heads to his hotel from where he'll visit the office of Tesla Motors and later meet top CEOs in the Silicon Valley later in the day. PM will also meet Indian diaspora later in the day.

1.25 am: PM Modi welcomed at San Jose airport. PM gets warm welcome at the airport.

1.10 am: People gathered outside the airport to welcome PM Narendra Modi in San Jose, California.

1.00 am: PM Narendra Modi's flight lands at San Jose airport, California. An Indian PM arrives at USA's West Coast after a period of 33 years.

7.50 pm: PM Modi departs from New York to San Jose (California) for the penultimate leg of his 2 nation tour.

6.50 pm: Strongly emphasized that process underway in UN to bring about the reform of the Security Council should be conducted: Joint Press Statement G4 Summit.

PM Narendra Modi addresses G4 summit in US

6.30 pm: We live in a fundamentally different world from the time the UN was born, says PM Modi.

6.25 pm: I am delighted that we are meeting again as Heads of Government after ten years, PM says.

6.20 pm: Reforms in United Nations Security Council has been the focus of global attention for decades - unfortunately, without progress so far: PM Modi.

6.15 pm: We finally see some moment, the 69th session of General Assembly has taken a significant step forward to commence text based negotiations: PM Modi.

6.00 pm: I am sure that this meeting today will give impetus for our efforts in this direction: PM Narendra Modi

PM Modi on Saturday started the third day of his US visit by hosting the G4 summit in New York attended by G4 leaders such as Japan PM Shinzo Abe, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Brazil President Dilmma Rousseff.

Day 2 (Sept 25)

1.30 pm: PM Narendra Modi meets with President Maithripala Sirisena of Sri Lanka.

1.00 pm: PM strengthens deep rooted ties of friendship with Bhutan meets PM Tshering Tobgay.

2.35 am: Very important development that happened was that after 23 years we have negotiating text, will form foundation for negotiations for UNSC reforms: MEA

12.30 am: When we speak of UN reforms we talk about the way they work and UNSC reforms. That's why UNSC needs to be bettered and expanded: MEA.

12.25 am: Counter terrorism was a topic of discussion between PM Modi & President of Egypt: Vikas Swarup, MEA

12.15 am: PM said that there was a need to de-link terrorism and religion in his talks with King of Jordan: Vikas Swarup, MEA

12.10 am: PM & President of World bank talked about India's position on climate change: Vikas Swarup, MEA

12.00 am: The day began with meeting the President of World bank who praised Swacch Bharat & Clean Ganga: Vikas Swarup, MEA

11.40 pm: PM meets for the first time with President El Sisi of Egypt.

11.20 pm: Continuing the Caribbean connection PM Narendra Modi meets Kenny Davis Anthony, PM of St. Lucia.

11.10 pm: I want everyone to prosper and that's what I pray for; everyone's happiness, and prosperity: PM Narendra Modi before concluding his speech.

10.59 pm: PM pushes for UNSC representation. "We must reform the United Nations including its Security Council so that it carries greater credibility & legitimacy."

PM Modi calls for reform in UNSC

10.57 pm: I hope that technology facilitation, technology innovation will contribute a lot to the development of the world: PM

10.54 pm: PM stresses on renewable energy, sustainable development is key. We see world as one family.

10.52 pm: Our focus on personal sector, fight against poverty: PM Modi.

10.50 pm: Education and skill development is our priority. We want to empower the poor. We worked on financial inclusion in mission mode: PM Modi at UN summit.

10.48 pm: Mahatma Gandhi had spoken about caring for a world that we will not see: PM Modi at UN summit.

10.46 pm: Gathered to give hope to humanity, says PM Modi at UN summit.

10.43 pm: We all want poverty free world, says PM Modi.

10.40 pm: PM Modi begins his speech at UN summit.

10.15 pm: PM Modi presents 'book on India' to Ban Ki-moon.

10.00 pm: Over 47,000 registrations to attend PM Modi's speech at Silicon Valley, 18,000 to participate in the function.

9.55 pm: PM Narendra Modi meets UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon before his speech.

Modi meets UN Secretary General

9.00 pm: PM Narendra Modi meets with King Abdullah of Jordan in New York.

Modi meets with King Abdullah of Jordan

8.00 pm: PM Modi meets World Bank President Jim Yong Kim discusses on development and economy.

7.45 pm: PM Modi to deliver his address at the UN Summit for the adoption of the post-2015 development agenda in a while.

7.35 pm: Story about PM Modi disrespecting the tricolor is false and mischievous. PM didn't autograph the Tricolor: DG PIB Frank Noronha to ANI

PM's schedule on Sept 25:

  • The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, will deliver his address today - September 25, 2015 - at the UN Summit for the adoption of the post-2015 development agenda.
  • The Prime Minister will meet UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki Moon at the United Nations.
  • The Prime Minister will meet Mr. Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank.
  • In the course of the day, the Prime Minister will hold several important bilateral meetings, including with the King of Jordan, the Prime Minister of Bhutan, the President of Sri Lanka, the Prime Minister of Sweden, the President of Egypt, the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, and the President of Cyprus.

Day 1 (Sept 24)

1.50 am: PM Modi meets President David Arthur Granger of Guyana, South America.

1.00 am: PM meets US media magnates; promises protection to IPR.

12.44 am: This is a technology driven era. We are a technology driven society. We are committed to protecting IPR which is essential to fostering creativity: PM Modi addresses media sector CEO's.

11.30 pm: Media baron Rupert Murdoch arrives for round table meet on 'Media, Technology & Communications-Growth story of India'.

10.34 pm: Many CEOs expressed keen interest in the Indian start-up sector: Sources on PM's meet with CEOs

9.45 pm: PM Narendra Modi meets PM Ralph Gonsalves of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines at New York.

9.30 pm: All of them (CEOs) were very bullish on India and said that India has a lot of potential for investment: Vikas Swarup, MEA Spokesperson.

9.00 pm: PM Narendra Modi meets Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina in New York.

8.45 pm: Overall I was very pleased with the comments of the PM,India is very attractive to us: Vikki Fuller, NY State CR Fund.

8.30 pm: It was a great meeting with PM Modi and very constructive as well: James Dimon, CEO, JP Morgan Chase.

8.00 pm: India has one of the highest levels of growth and has a pro reform government: Stephen A. Schwarzman,CEO,Blackstone after roundtable with PM Modi.

7.30 pm: Our Govt strongly supports Public Private Partnership: PM Narendra Modi addresses Financial sector CEOs in New York.

7.00 pm: PM Narendra Modi at a roundtable on the financial sector with CEOs in New York.

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