This poem by the lady ISIS recruit will leave you stunned

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Among the many shocking things that the ISIS does is recruit women in large numbers. What is the mindset of these women and how they are trapped into this world of blood and gore?

Asia Siddiqui is a classic example of a woman terrorist symbolizes and reading through her poem, which was written for the Inspire magazine run by the Al-Qaeda, brings about a clear picture of the mindset.


Asia Siddiqui was arrested in New York yesterday for allegedly plotting a terror attack in the United States of America. Referred to as an ISIS convert, she began drawing inspiration from the Al-Qaeda earlier. Her close relationship with the former editor of Inspire, Samir Khan who was killed in Yemen in a drone strike gave her the opportunity to pen her thoughts on what she thought about Jihad.

Read her poem:

Take me to the lands where the eyes are cooled... There are dreams I will leave everything behind for
Everything that has meaning in my life. Came to life with the introduction to my Lord. To the Oneness of my Lord.
To the Mercies of His evermore. Than I can implore... I have memories of soldiers of Allaah, memories of soldiers of shaytan. Memories of battlegrounds I haven't yet stepped on. Memories of battlefields I have never stepped on...
Take me... to the lands where the eyes are cooled. Jannatul Firdaus lies unpursued. I remind myself these sacrifies are only for You, too few.

Hunger never felt so good as it does handcuffed. Some of us are born soldiers, battle runs through our blood. The sound of gun rattle sends a rush, soothing. I sleep with my eyes open, my subconscious constantly invoking.

Surrounded by walls of marble with widescreens, gardens of plush green. Pouring rain splashing on window panes, crystal ceilings. But Allaahi, nafsi only knew of empty feelings. Verily, time teases. The tease of martyrdom when the ruh leaves.

In degrees; the degrees every soul dreams to seizeThe degrees the angels appease one over another. The degrees of infinite seas with which the Lord pleads, the seven seas cannot encumber.

I drown in ghibtah rage for a cavalry of my own. Plotting against shaytaan, suffocating for self-control. I want to be purified with every breath, every sweat, every echo, every harakah.

I have work to do. Mistakes to correct, time to make up. No excuse to sit back and wait- for the skies rain martyrdom. Wait, No! The skies never rain martyrdom...Martyrdom rains the skies!

This world is a morgue on standstill, watching the lost souls. In a cold, silent, blank stare - death stare
Death stirs in cold, silent, despair. Finding no place to call home, my vision blurs. All my fingers plucked out, my veins stretched to dull. Laughter poking into my sleep... into my dreams.

Peeling laughter - the never-ending discourse of shaytaan's regime.
The mountains are my castles, the sand is my sea. I peril through the wilderness as it's a part of me
I hear voices in the dark; feel pressure on my prayer rug. As I swing on a hammock between date palms, I drop bombs. I feel blisters beneath my feet as I sneak behind the enemy fleet.

I fall sleep in the midst of battle before sirens and tanks owned by enemy ranks. Hit cloud nine with the
Some dreams seem like real life; sometimes, life seems like a dream. I steel from the greedy the remnants of my fitrah and run into the dungeon of death. Jannah awaits!

A close aide of Samir Khan:

Samir Khan had become an inspirational figure for the Al-Qaeda. He was the one who published a very popular article in the magazine Inspire titlted, "Do It Yourself Bomb Making Guide. During the investigations that were conduced during the Boston Bombing case, it was found that the bombers had relied on this article to prepare the bombs.

Samir Khan was based out of Yemen for most of his life. He had in fact become very close to Asia and had published this poem under the title Jihad Recollections. Khan was, however, killed in a drone strike that the United States of America had launched in Yemen in the year 2011.

The clamour for the ISIS:

Asia at the time of her arrest was found to be a sympathizer of the ISIS. The lady who began with her ideology derived from the Al-Qaeda however switched over to the ISIS. In investigation terminology these persons are referred to as ISIS converts.

The charge against the 31 one year old Asia was that she along with her roommate in New York, Noelle Velentzas was planning a major terror strike in the United States of America. The ISIS has been warning of strikes in the West ever since it began a full fledged battle in both Iraq and Syria.

The ISIS is particularly upset with the US interference in both Iraq and Syria and has warned of a series of strikes in both the UK and the US. Asia could well be part of the same plot.

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