Smuggled frozen meat from 1970s being sold in Chinese markets

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Beijing, June 25: You will think twice before digging into that delicious non-vegetarian meal after reading this.

Officials have seized smuggled frozen meat worth half a billion dollars across 14 Chinese provinces. But here comes the scandal- some of the meat that was confiscated was found to be over 40 years old.

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China: 40-year-old meat sold in markets

According to a Chinese daily, customs officials confiscated tonnes of chicken wings, beef and pork. An officer who was associated with the operation said that 'he nearly threw up at the stench of the meat.'

Some of the meat had begun to thaw and rot and some were stamped with packaging dates from 1970s. It is said that the meat was shipped from Hong Kong and was brought to Vietnam where it was then smuggled into the Chinese border.

Officials also said that the meat would be refrozen several times before it reached the customers.

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