Singapore: HIV Infection tolls 378 in first 10 months of 2013

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Singapore, Nov 29: The HIV toll in Singapore has already touched 378 in the first 10 months of 2013.

According to the Ministry of Health, the HIV toll may reach a toll similar to that of 2012, which accounted for 469 cases. Of the 198 Singapore residents with HIV infections in the first six months, 95% were males and most of the cases were reported due to sexual transmission of the disease.

Heterosexual transmission accounted for 43 percent of these cases, while 44 percent accounts for homosexual transmission. 10% accounted for bisexual transmission, states a report by the STRAINTSTIMES. Sources also reveal that the main cause of such high HIV index is due to ignorance or negligence.

For instance, 2 of the 3 newly reported cases were already in their late stages when they were diagnosed. Over 40 percent of the newly reported cases between January to June 2013 had HIV detected when tests were performed in the course of medical care provision.

Transmission cause mainly by heterosexual relationships.

Approximately 30 per cent were detected during routine programmatic HIV screening, while just 20 per cent were screened during voluntary HIV screening. It is further revealed that 33 percent of the cases occurred in homosexual couples, while just 8 percent occurred in heterosexual couples.

MOH's guidelines

Pointing the root cause of increasing HIV rates, the MOH has said that it is rampant among those indulging in casual sex, multiple sex or commercial sex. Warning them of the consequences, the MOH has issued the following guidelines:

1. Condoms should be used consistently and correctly during every sexual encounter
2. Regular HIV testing should be done to ensure early diagnosis of the infection.
3. Care and treatment for those infected and providing them guidelines on how to protect their partners is a must

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