Seema Jaya Sharma, who battled cancer for 6 years dies; leaves behind viral Facebook post

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London, Aug 23: After a six-year long battle with breast cancer, 37-year-old Seema Jaya Sharma passed away on Friday, Aug 21.

Before bidding farewell to the world, Jaya left behind a touchy, yet positive Facebook post.

Seema Jaya Sharma

Her children shared it on her Facebook page. The post has gone viral as it has got over 7,000 likes, 750 shares and over 2,000 comments.

Her children shared it saying, "My mum passed away today at 14:10 and she wrote this as her final status....she wanted her last words to be "I got 21seconds to go!!! hehe :P) This is me.. SEEMA Jaya Sharma. My son will keep you updated of when the funeral is etc and please come in bright colours coz you're not coming to mourn my death but to celebrate my life!! Please keep me alive through you good times and every time you laugh or smile and have fun, i'm right there having fun with u!!! YAY!!! don't cry for me argentina....the truth is that i didn't even know where u are on the map!! Geography was never my strong point!! :S. Anyway this is me saying 'peace out people' if a bird poos on ur head, that's just me saying 'yo man' and if i really like u then i might just come haunt you to create ur own kinda bird poo innit!!! hehe!! LOVE YOU!!! MWAH smile emoticon xxx

Oh theres gonna be a wake after too (location will be confirmed) and I would prefer it if nobody goes to my house between now and the funeral. TANKOOOOOOOO smile emoticon xxx colourful clothes please!!! We're celebrating!!! WOOOHOOOO smile emoticon xxx"

Jaya who was living at Pembroke Road, Seven Kings, Ilford, was diagnosed with breast cancer in Oct 2009.

Jaya, who was also a singer, became the face of Cancer Research UK.

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Jaya got married in 1996 and got separated at the age of 23. She is survived by a daughter and a son.


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