Russia: Buried alive for 2 days, pregnant dog rescued

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Voronezh, Oct 1: There are certain incidents that remind us that world is not a bad place to be in. That the word kindness and compassion still exist in this world.

In the Russian city of Voronezh, a pregnant dog named Belka was rescued by digging the pavement. Belka had been buried under the pavement for two days.


When Vadim Rustam, a pedestrian who was walking past heard the barking of dog.

He was clueless from where the barking came from, later he realised that sound came from underground. Rustam informed city officials and sought their help.

According to media reports, officials refused to dig a second opening to let the dog out. So Rustam decided to help Belka himself.

Rustam captured the rescuing moments and posted on his Facebook page. The video shows a joyful Belka wagging her tail as she comes out of the underground.

The video that was posted on Sept 24 has crossed three million views.

According to media reports, Belka fell into a sinkhole that was open for three weeks. The housing authorities closed it on Sep 18, without realising Belka was inside.

Watch the video here:

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