4 Christian kids beheaded by ISIS for refusing to convert to Islam

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Baghdad, Dec 12: A British vicar based in Iraq on Friday said that the Islamic State militants have beheaded four Christian children in the country for refusing to convert to Islam, an Independent.Uk report said.

The vicar Canon Andrew White, who is known as the ‘vicar of Baghdad', disclosed this to Orthodox Christian Network. He said that the killings happened in a Christian enclave close to the Iraq capital Baghdad which has been taken over by Isis.

Refused to covert to Islam, 4 Christian kids allegedly beheaded by ISIS militants

The terror organisation has been carrying out massive conversions, murders, brutal tortures, all in the name of religion. The vicar spoke of how sis have been killing Christians in Iraq in huge numbers, chopping children in half, chopping their heads off.

The terrorists have been putting forward two options - convert to Islam or die - to hapless Christian community in the region. As a result, Christians have been fleeing to northern parts of the country.

The vicar said that one day ISIS men told one man, an adult, "either you say the words of conversion to Islam or we kill all your children". The man, left with no option, converted to Islam. 

According to Canon White, the children who were beheaded had refused to "follow Mohammed".

Five children, all under 15, were asked to convert to Islam and four of them, said 'no, we love Yeshua, we have always loved we have always followed Yeshua, Yeshua has always been with us', said the Vicar.

After this, the kids' heads were chopped off.

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