North Korean media mocks Iowa caucuses, candidates; calls Prez Obama US gangster

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Seoul/Washington, Feb 2: North Korea has always shared a hostile relation with the United States. Washington has always been overtly critical of its nuclear ambition and issued counter warnings to the hermit kingdom whenever it has carried out N-tests.

Following Pyongyang's alarming test of which it calls a Hydrogen Bomb, Washington has stepped up more pressure on the East Asian country, even through Beijing, the only support that Pyongyong has found in this region.

Barack Obama

DPRK New Service tweets mock US candidates

On Tuesday, North Korea didn't let go the opportunity to mock at the world's oldest democracy where in Iowa the race for the presidential nomination for the November 8 election to the White House kicked off.

DPRK News Service, the official news feed of the country, ruled by the dictator Kim Jong-un, posted a series of tweets targeting various players of the US election process including the candidates, the people, the media and the system as a whole. It even called incumbent President Barack Obama as US gangster.

Calls Ted Cruz "bulbous, imbecile"

While one tweet said: "In 6 hour victory speech, bulbous imbecile Ted Cruise thanks Fox News for their insidious misinformation campaign against his enemies", another said: "Iowa province rejects socialist milksop Bernard Sanders in favor of braying she-ass Hillary Clinton to succeed US gangster president Obama."

While Republican Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucus on Monday, beating Donald Trump and Marcus Rubio, Bernie Sanders put up a brave fight against the heavyweight Hillary Clinton by falling short of 0.3 per cent vote share.

Taunts Bernie Sanders's good show in Iowa

The news feed also taunted Sanders's good show in Iowa, saying: "Socialist Bernard Sanders arrested, sentenced to 50 lashes and exile in Alaska for impertinent challenge to U.S. ruling Clinton dynasty."

Trump a "humble philosopher"

It also called Donald Trump, who finished second in Iowa, a "humble philosopher" who "vows to wreak terrible vengeance against smirking Canadian Ted Cruise for crimes against honor and nature."

On the American electorate and the country's electoral system, the DPRK News Service posted these two tweets: "Indentured servants and serfs throughout United States cheer at ignominious fall of criminal Bush dynasty."

The North Koreans' take on the world's most celebrated election showed how much hatred the hermit kingdom harbours for the latter, something which Obama's successor would not find easy to handle after taking over.

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