Jihadi John was offered a job in Mi5

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London, Feb 27: The unmasking of Jihadi John has made headlines. Jihadi John who has been identified as Mohammad Emwazi is said to have beheaded two American journalists on camera.

Now here is a case of an educated man turning extremely radical. However the more interesting aspect to the case of Jihadi John is that he was under the radar of the Mi5 the British Intelligence service for almost five years, but was let off. The other interesting aspect to the Jihadi John case was that he was offered a job in the Mi5 in the year 2009.


Jihadi John was questioned in 2009:

CAGE, an independent advocacy organisation working to empower communities impacted by the War on Terror states that Emwazi had gone to them in the year 2009. He had been detained and questioned by the Mi5 when he had visited Tanzania on a holiday.

He had told CAGE that he was harassed by the Mi5 and this had led to him losing two jobs. He also complained that due to the harassment he was unable to start a new life.

In August 2009 Emwazi and his two friends were stopped at the airport in Tanzania. He says that they were refused entry and their passports were seized and they were taken to police station.

He alleged that they were treated shabbily and they did not even know why they had been detained in the first place. 24 hours later they were taken to the airport and were told to board a flight back to UK via Amsterdam.

Questioned in Amsterdam:

When the aircraft stopped over at Amsterdam, they were told to get off the aircraft. Four armed men took them to a cell for questioning. Emwazi then met a person by the name Nick who said he was from the Mi5.

He was shown a map of East Africa and asked to tell the Mi5 where exactly was he going. When he pointed out that he was on his way to Tanzania for a holiday, the officer refused to believe him and insisted that he was on his way to Somalia.

Emwazi replied that he would not go to Somalia where a civil war was on to which the Mi5 official asked how did he know that there was a civil war on. The officer before leaving the room told him that he would return and would expect the truth from him.

The Mi5 officer on his return told Emwazi, " Don't you try and play smart on me. Don't you fool me, you wanted to go to Somalia. After a major argument, the Mi5 officer let go. The officer told Emwazi, "You've got the whole world in front of you; you're 21 years old; you just finished Uni - why don't you work for us?" Emwazi, however, refused to accept the offer.

This was however not taken too kindly by the officer whose parting words were, "You're going to have a lot of trouble ...you're going to be known...you're going to be followed...life will be harder for you."

Starting over:

Following the series of interrogations, he decided to move to Kuwait where he worked for nine months. He, however, came back to the UK to visit his parents. After a brief visit he wanted to return to Kuwait but was stopped at the airport.

At the airport he was questioned for several hours and then let off. However, he learnt later that he had lost his job in Kuwait. Answers were not forthcoming for him when he visited the Kuwaiti embassy to ask them why his visa had been rejected.

In the year 2012, Emwazi decided that he should once again try and pursue a life outside UK. He applied for a job in Saudi Arabia, but realized that he had been rejected.

His father then suggested that he change his name and after taking that advise his name was officially changed to Mohammad al-Ayan. Once this was done he applied for a job in Kuwait and even tried buying a one way ticket. He was, however, barred from travel.

Emwazi goes missing:

A week after him being barred from travel to Kuwait, he left his parent's house. His parents waited for him, but there was no sign of him for four months. Later the police visited his home and told the parents that he had entered into Syria. The parents, however, disputed this and told the police that with whatever little they knew he was in Turkey. The parents also told the police that they had managed to establish contact and he had told them he was in Turkey helping refugees.

Unanswered questions:

There are several unanswered questions about Emwazi alias Al-Ayan alias Jihadi John.
- Why was the Mi5 chasing him?

- Why did they let him off several times if they had concrete information on him

- After so much surveillance how did he managed to slip out of the UK into Syria and Turkey?

this could not be true, as far as they were concerned; their son was in Turkey assisting refugees with the limited contact they had managed with him during that period.

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