Assistance to climb stairs, bizarre head shaking, coughing fits---Is Hillary in right health?

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Washington, Aug 9: While all eyes are now focussed on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his endless number of controversies, a section of the US media has also expressed concern over the health of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, more so after photographs of the latter struggling to climb some stairs emerged on Sunday (Aug 7).

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The photos, revealed by Reuters and Getty news agencies, showed the former US secretary of state taking assistance from a number of people in overcoming the stairs of a house. It was learnt that the images were taken in February when the 68-year-old Hillary was campaigning in South Carolina.

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Hillary, who decided to have a go after the failed attempt of 2008 when she lost to current President Barack Obama, was nominated as the Democratic presidential candidate at the party's national convention held in Philadelphia last month. [Former CIA officer launches independent presidential bid]

Hillary's health issue is something which hasn't caught the headlines for the first time. In 2013, when she was the US secretary of state, Hillary fainted and fell and was treated for blood clot in her head. Even earlier in 2009, Hillary had a fall while going to White House an broke her elbow.

Last month, a video posted on YouTube had shown Hillary's head suddenly started shaking vigorously for many seconds, leaving the interviewing journalists surprised.


She was also seen having coughing fits while addressing a number of audiences in the US, raising questions about her health.

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