Fresh twist in US presidential race as former CIA officer launches bid

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Washington, Aug 9: The dramatic race for the White House took a new twist on Monday (Aug 8) when former CIA counterterrorism officer Evan McMullin decided to join the race as a third-party conservative alternative to Republican candidate Donald Trump. [Trump would be dangerous president, say 50 Republican national security experts]

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In a statement, McMullin, 40, said the stakes for the US were so high that he could no longer afford to stand on the sidelines at this moment. He said the US needs leaders who stand for the right reasons and have a good understanding of what makes that country the greatest. He said his country needed leaders who would unite and guide it towards a better future "beyond the dysfunction of a broken political system". [Is Hillary's health a concern?]

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McMullin's words were clearly directed at both the presidential candidates---Trump and his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. He called the former secretary of state a "corrupt career politician" and said Trump has divided the Republican Party and is a "real threat" to the republic.


Those who are working on McMullin's presidential bid quit Better for America, an organisation which may not officially endorse a candidate, to back the former CIA man

McMullin's independent bid at the late stage of the presidential procedure will not be easy but his supporters expect him to disrupt Trump's march by getting the backing of Republicans who have not endorsed the New York tycoon.

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